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Zombie Rod & Tackle

Zombie Rod & Tackle designs rods for the most discriminating anglers. Experience, knowledge and stubborn adherence to our mission of delivering superior rods. We want to earn your business and are determined to make sure you want to buy more Zombie rods. In recent years, rod manufacturers have gone away from balancing. The primary reason is due to internet marketing. Customers are researching products more and more online and online retailers need an easy way to inform their customers about the products they are selling. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to explain the way a rod feels in hand and even more difficult to explain how that affects the angler over the course of an entire day. However, to list a rod's overall weight is quite easy to do in a catalog and takes up much less space. When internet deale?rs, distributors, reviewers and magazine editors started listing overall weight of rods instead of tackling the more difficult task of describing the way the rod feels in hand, most manufacturers abandoned balancing of rods altogether as online chatter about rods began to revolve completely around which rod was slightly lighter than the next. Zombie Rod & Tackle made a decision to stay true to it's roots and provide rods that feel better in hand and avoid disappointing our customers with rods that simply don't deliver on our promise of superior rods. As TackleTour said in one of their reviews of Zombie Rods: "SCARY ATTENTION TO DETAIL..." That's what you get with a Zombie Rod.

Rod blanks are made from a variety of materials. You'll hear terms thrown around like IM6, IM7, IM10, 30 Ton, 40 Ton and so on. None of these terms define exactly how a rod will feel or perform. There are also numerous resins that go into the rod blank material as well and again, these don't define exactly how a rod will feel or perform. All of these terms are most commonly used to motivate customers to purchase rods... simply marketing. There are other very meaningful elements that go into building a quality rod blank such as mandrel design (the metal shaft the blanks are built on that gives them their inner shape), layup (outer shape of the blank and layout of material), and countless other variables. At Zombie, we ensure that the CORRECT material that will deliver the best possible performance is used with NO GIMMICKS. Guide frames are made from a variety of materials, titanium, numerous grades of stainless steel. Guide rings are also made from a variety of materials. When put to the Zombie test, California Delta fishing with braided line, many guides simply fail. At Zombie, we've tried virtually every guide on the market, and we won't use them on the rods we sell if they won't hold up to the abuse that hardcore California Delta anglers can dish out. The guides you find on Zombie rods have held up to the Zombie test on the specific rod design you find them on, so you can rest assured that they are the best choice for that specific rod. NO HYPE and NO GIMMICKS.