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Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ 5"

Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ

Price: $4.99
- Lifelike swimming actions at all retrieve speeds
- Length: 5"
- Quantity: 5pk

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Description CA Prop 65 Warning

Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ 5"

The Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ are soft plastic swimbait bodies featuring unparalleled softness, excellent swimming action, and durable ElaZtech® construction combining to create the ideal fish trap swimbait. Inspired by Z-Man's renowned three-inch MinnowZ, freshwater and inshore anglers alike with find the DieZel MinnowZ to be a great choice for mimicking baitfish species of all types. Saltwater coastal anglers along the California coast have long turned to swimbaits to catch the calicos, kelp and sand bass that roam through the paddies looking for an easy meal. While there are plenty of options currently on the market, nothing quite provides the durability of the DieZel MinnowZ which are available in all the hottest coastal colors. Similarly, freshwater fishermen will enjoy the tail kicking action of the DieZel minnow when targeting big bass, stripers and wipers that relate to baitfish.

As you can see in the photos, the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ are just the body section of the swimbait, meaning anglers need a swimbait jig head to rig and fish these correctly. That's actually the beauty of these durable little swimmers. Designed with a flat edge, the DieZel MinnowZ lay flush against swimbait bullet jig heads and offer the perfect platform for the jig head. Add a dab of super glue and press the two together to realize the most durable combination of any fish trap style swimbait.


  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction for extreme durability, even when ripping it through grass and other surface cover!
  • Lifelike swimming actions at all retrieve speeds
  • Molded-in hook slot and integrated dorsal fin hook pocket for maximum weedlessness and easy hooksets
  • Made in the USA

About ElaZtech

Plastic fishing baits have been around since you first went digging around in your granddad’s tackle box. You probably learned early on that soft plastic baits caught fish, but that you needed to buy a lot of them because they tore up easily when the fish were biting. Z-Man’s proprietary ElaZtech® material is the toughest soft plastic bait you will find on the market today—period. It stands up to the most aggressive fresh- and saltwater game fish, and remains fishable after several catches. ElaZtech is a remarkable material that is soft and pliable, and as much as 10X Tougher than other traditional soft plastic baits. ElaZtech resists nicks, cuts, and tears better than traditional soft plastic baits. No matter the quarry, ElaZtech soft fishing baits can handle it. These plastic fishing baits can withstand getting hammered time after time by aggressive largemouths, toothy barracudas, and anything else you can get to bite.

A plastic fishing bait is no good if fish can’t see it! Unlike other plastic fishing baits, ElaZtech is a naturally buoyant material that floats off the bottom and creates a more visible target. A more visible target means more strikes and more fish-catching opportunities. With traditional plastic fishing baits, this means going through a lot of soft plastics. ElaZtech baits, however, maintain their fishability despite all the abuse, and also boasts one of the highest fish-per-bait ratings in the industry. To top it off, ElaZtech, unlike most other soft fishing baits, is non-toxic and contains no PVC, Plastisol or Phthalates.

Word of ElaZtech is spreading like wildfire as these soft plastic baits gain traction along the tournament trails. Our new line of flipping & punching soft plastic baits puts ElaZtech to the test in the heaviest cover. Whether wood, grass mats, rock piles or dock posts, these plastic fishing baits can stand up to the flip, the bite and the fight. Rig it up and hook up again, and again ... And again. ElaZtech soft fishing baits don’t just stop at our CrawZ, StreakZ or WormZ. Our new Finesse ShadZ offer versatility not found in any other soft fishing bait. Its action on a drop shot is extremely lifelike because of its supreme buoyancy. And, if they stop eating the drop shot, simply rig it on a shaky head for a finesse rig that blows away any other soft fishing bait. It’s the perfect shad imitation in a durable and deadly package.

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