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Vagabond Simson-5 Big Tail

Vagabond Simson-5 Big Tail Swimbait
Price: $29.99
- Vagabond Simson-5 Big Tail Swimbait
- Length: 4.5"
- Weight: 9/10oz
- Sink Rate: Slow Sinking

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Vagabond Simson-5 Big Tail Swimbait

The Simson-5 Big Tail is a jointed hard plastic swimbait featuring a highly detailed design and an ultra-natural swimming action. Vagabond Lures, the creator of the Simson-5 Big Tail, is a Japanese lure manufacturer that has long been known for creating incredibly high quality, hard to find lures and gear within their home country Japan. Their previous creations include highly detailed, individually carved and painted lures which are still among the most popular JDM lures among tackle enthusiasts and have become cult classics among the collectors. However, all of these superlatives also equate to a premium price point with many lures retailing for over $100. In order to create a more affordable option, Vagabond turned to injected baits, one such lure being the Simson-5 Big Tail. When engineering this lure their focus never strayed from quality, they stayed true to form and created a premium swimbait at a much more reasonable price.

The Simson-5 Big Tail features a unique, patented joint construction that incorporates a fiber that connects each segment of the body affording a real lively and natural swimming motion. Looking closely at the bait, you'll notice the bait displays four segments, with the main being the largest. Each element of the bait was designed with the intent of creating a truly lifelike swimming action. If you've ever seen a baitfish swim in the water you'll notice the head isn't moving side to side, it's the tail that provides the propulsion and displays the most movement. With that in mind, you'll see the main segment perfectly mimics that inactivity while the tail kicks. Two smaller segments connect the main body to the soft plastic boot tail.

The combination of the ultra-realistic finish and natural swimming action is hard to beat. Even the tail section compliments the baits color pattern. The Vagabond Simson-5 Big Tail swimbait possesses a slow-sinking rate of fall enabling anglers to calculate the amount of time needed to reach the desired depth. The Simson-5 Big Tail measures 4.5" and weighs just under an ounce (.91oz).

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