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VMC Hooks

With over two centuries of experience, the innovative craftsmanship of VMC design shows in every product. VMC creates award-winning products for every style of fishing, many with first-to-market features. VMC manufactures the highest quality fish hooks, rigs, jigs and terminal tackle that are second to none. VMC hooks are forged from the finest grades of Hi Carbon and Vanadium Steel with cutting edge point technology and advanced designs that incorporate input from pro anglers across the country and around the world result in hooks with faster penetration and less thrown hooks. VMC's line of jigs offer a versatile collection of classic and updated jig options for modern angler techniques. Perfectly balanced for flawless presentation,these jigs feature enhancements like 3D holographic eyes, UV and glow finishes as well as a wide choice in classic color patterns all featuring Super sharp VMC hooks for the fast hooksets. VMC also offers terminal tackle including weights and leaders that allow you to rig and fish with a variety of techniques. Innovative designs and environmentally conscious materials give you the edge. Additional products from VMC include pre-made rigs designed by the legendary Lindner family. VMC Rigs are premium from the ground up, Super sharp VMC hooks for the fast hooksets, Sufix Fluorocarbon leader and HydroFlow blades that offer increased vibration with a vented design that runs true at slower speeds than conventional spinners. UV, classic and holographic blade choices.

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VMC Ike Rugby Jig VMC "Ike Approved" Rugby Jig
Price: $4.79
3 Colors
VMC Crankbait Snap VMC Crankbait Snap
Price: $3.59
5 Sizes
VMC Flyliner Hook 7120 VMC Flyliner Hook 7120
Price: $7.99
4 Sizes - Value Pak
VMC Half Moon Wacky Weight VMC Half Moon Wacky Weight
Price: $3.49
3 Sizes
VMC Heavy Duty Live Bait Hook 7262 VMC Heavy Duty Live Bait Hook 7262
Starting at: $11.99
6 Sizes - Value Pak
VMC Inline Single Hook 4X VMC Inline Single Hook 4X
Price: $4.99
7 Sizes
VMC Live Bait Hook 9620 VMC Live Bait Hook 9620
Starting at: $5.99
11 Sizes - Value Pak
VMC Neko Skirt VMC Neko Skirt
Price: $3.49
VMC Neko Weight VMC Neko Weight
Price: $3.49
4 Sizes
VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig Kits VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig Kits
Price: $7.99
New Sizes and Colors!