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Umbrella Rigs

This category of products includes A-style rigs and castable umbrella rigs.  The technique has proven so effective it has been banned by the Bassmaster Elite Series, yet it still reamins the top choice of anglers in many other levels of competition. In a
very short time the Umbrella Rigs has become a world-wide phenomenon sparked by the FLW Tour Win on Lake Guntersville by Paul Elias. The success of the original Alabama Rig has spawned several similar products. We carry both traditional Alabama Rigs and modified three wire rigs for states such as California that place regulations on the number of hooks allowed at one time.
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Umbrella Rig Laws

State by state Umbrella Rig Regulations - We understand that many anglers still have questions regarding the legality of using umbrella rigs in their state. Through extensive research we've listed our interpretation of the rules and regulations provided by each state. These are our interpretations and not the official word.
Always check your state mandated regulations and restrictions before using multiple lure rigs.

Alabama Regulations

The birth place of the Original Umbrella Rigs allows for five hooks.

Arizona Umbrella Rig Regulations

Only two attached baits may contain hooks. Anglers have found a staggered bait configuration with two baits trailing the other three to be most successful. The Chubby Chaser Step Sister Rig is configured as such.

Arkansas Umbrella Rig Regulations

Five hooks are legal. No restrictions.

California Umbrella Rig Regulations

The law states anglers may only use three hooks. Therefore, the best rigging method includes three swimbaits with hooks and two teaser baits. Place the hooked swimbaits on the bottom wires or wires that run furthest back. Interestingly enough, anglers may choose to add up to two stinger hooks per hooked bait per the current CA regulations. Should anglers prefer not to use teaser baits, we offer the Chubby Chaser CUmbrella Rig which is a three wire model.

Colorado Umbrella Rig Regulations

The regulations are similar to those of California. Three rigged baits. The use of unrigged teasers is advised for keeping the bait ball profile.

Connecticut Umbrella Rig Regulations

No restrictions. Five rigged baits.

Delaware Umbrella Rig Regulations

In Delaware anglers may use only three baits, period. Each bait can be rigged up, but it is illegal to use the additional teaser baits. Our three wire offerings include the Chubby Chaser Calabama and Chubby Chaser Baby Girl.

Florida Umbrella Rig Regulations

Currently there are no restrictions. Anglers may use five hooked baits.

Georgia Umbrella Rig Regulations

There is no restriction on the number of poles and lines used to fish for game fish except:

  • Fishing for trout: 1 pole
  • Fishing on Public Fishing Areas: 2 poles
  • Sport shad fishing: 2 poles
Anglers using more than two poles and lines to fish for shad must abide by commercial shad regulations. Landing nets may be used to land fish legally caught. Game fish may be used as live bait (where live bait is legal) if they are taken legally and you do not exceed daily creel and possession limits.

Hawaii Umbrella Rig Regulations

If you're traveling to Hawaii leave the bass gear home! If you need to wet a line for bass then the law regulates only two hooked lures.

Idaho Umbrella Rig Regulations

Regulations state anglers can use the standard umbrella rig configuration with the single line tie. Five hooks allowed.

Illinois Umbrella Rig Regulations

Illinois is very tricky. Illinois has some bodies of waters where the law states, "Only two poles with no more than two hooks or lure per pole allowed." This would see to indicate only two hooks are legal in these bodies of water. All others allow for the traditional Umbrella Rig - five lures with hooks.

Indiana Umbrella Rig Regulations

This is another ambiguous rule. The law states, "each line is limited to no more than two single or multi-barbed hooks, two artificial baits or two live bait harnesses." The hook portion si very clear - only two hooks allowed. As far as teasers go, it may be best to consult with the local fish and game. Otherwise, another option would be attaching small willow leaf spinnerbait blades.

Iowa Umbrella Rig Regulations

Two hooked lures only. Teasers are allowed - therefore the best rigging method would be two rigged baits on the bottom or the furthest back, with three teaser baits.

Kansas Umbrella Rig Regulations

Restricted to two hooks. Anglers may use the additional three wires to house teaser swimbaits.

Kentucky Umbrella Rig Regulations

No restrictions. Anglers may use five hooks.

Louisiana Umbrella Rig Regulations

No regulations state the use of the Umbrella Rig to be illegal. Anglers should consult with local fish and game to confirm.

Maine Umbrella Rig Regulations

No restrictions apply to the use of the Umbrella Rig. Anglers may use five wire umbrella rigs.

Maryland Umbrella Rig Regulations

Restricted to two hooks. Anglers may attach three teaser baits without hooks to the traditional five wire umbrella rig.

Massachusetts Umbrella Rig Regulations

The Umbrella Rig in principle is illegal. If there are two hooks on the lure it technically is banned based on the rule stating ,"Any lure designed to catch more than one fish at a time is prohibited." Without speaking directly to the Massachusetts fish and game, the law appears to allow for single hooked bait with four teaser baits.

Michigan Umbrella Rig Regulations

The rules in Michigan state no more than a total of six hooks. Taking it at face value, anglers could therefore use the original Umbrella Rig. ABT Multi-Rig system actually has the possibility of housing six wire harnesses. Therefore, if the interpretation is correct anglers could use all six wires with hooked baits.

Minnesota Umbrella Rig Regulations

Minnesota has very ambiguous rules regarding the use of the Umbrella Rig. The most accurate interpretation would make the rig illegal. Even the use of one rigged bait is not clearly legal based on some additional tackle restrictions.

Mississippi Umbrella Rig Regulations

Mississippi as a state appears to allow the use of the Umbrella Rig in its original design, however there are some restrictions that apply to specific bodies of water and therefore its best to consult with local officials before using the lure. Known restrictions are: Arkabutla, Grenada, Enid and Sardis and the spillways of Arkabutla, Grenada, Enid, Sardis, Okatibbee and Ross Barnett reservoirs. On those bodies of water the rule states two hooks only.

Missouri Umbrella Rig Regulations

The use of three hooked lures is legal. Anglers in the Ozark region have reported a great deal of success using the Chubby Chaser Baby Girl Rig. It's a shorter, three wire version of the umbrella rig and features a small spinnerbait blade on each wire. This has been especially effective in that area because it affords anglers the ability to cast the lure in and around the prevalent pole timber.

Montana Umbrella Rig Regulations

Montana has a lot of district by district rulings, however, we found many references prohibiting the number of hooks to two. Numerous sections of their regulations stated no more than two hooks could be used in lakes and reservoirs. To be on the safe side, its best to consult with the local game authorities first.

Nebraska Umbrella Rig Regulations

It is illegal to use any form of the Umbrella Rig or Umbrella Rig in Nebraska.

Nevada Umbrella Rig Regulations

Only two hooked lures may be used. Additionally, the rules if interpreted literally, state anglers can only use those two lures. Don't take the gamble, stick with two hooked baits (terrible pun intended). Therefore, we'd suggest using spinnerbait blades on additional wires.

New Hampshire Umbrella Rig Regulations

The Umbrella Rig and all other multi-lure configurations are illegal in New Hampshire. One lure only.

New Jersey Umbrella Rig Regulations

New Jersey allows the rig on most state waters except the Delaware River, which has a restriction of three hooks per line.

New Mexico Umbrella Rig Regulations

No restrictions. Five hooked lures may be used on the A-Rig.

New York Umbrella Rig Regulations

Five lures with hooks maximum for all Umbrella Rigs.

North Carolina Umbrella Rig Regulations

The Umbrella Rig is legal in North Carolina.

North Dakota Umbrella Rig Regulations

The regulations state only three hooked lures may be used. Our research indicates that anglers may use teasers on the remaining wires.

Ohio Umbrella Rig Regulations

Ohio restricts the number of hooked lures to three. Ohio, also seems to restrict the number of wires to three as well - they consider them leaders and clearly state only three. Therefore we suggest any of our three wire models such as the Chubby Chaser Calabama.

Oklahoma Umbrella Rig Regulations

No restrictions on the Umbrella Rig.

Oregon Umbrella Rig Regulations

Oregon allows the use of three hooked baits. There are no restrictions to using the remaining wires to attach teaser baits.

Pennsylvania Umbrella Rig Regulations

Three hooked lures. The remaining wires can house teaser baits or spinnerbait blades.

Rhode Island Umbrella Rig Regulations

Another example of a state that restricts the number of hooks to three. The remaining wires may hold teaser baits. The best method of attaching these teasers has been the Owner Centerign Pins.

South Carolina Umbrella Rig Regulations

South Carolina appears to allow the use of the Umbrella Rig and other five wire Umbrella Rigs. The FLW Events held in South Carolina features many anglers using the traditional Umbrella Rig with five rigged baits.

South Dakota Umbrella Rig Regulations

Up to three hooked lures. Teaser baits may be attached to the remaining wires.

Tennessee Umbrella Rig Regulations

Tennessee regulates the total number of hooks to three and prohibits the use of teaser baits. Only three wires with three lures may be used.

Texas Umbrella Rig Regulations

Texas appears to have no restrictions regarding the use of the Umbrella Rig.

Utah Umbrella Rig Regulations

Utah states anglers may only use two artificial lures. The interpretations of this law leads us to believe its best to use a three wire rig with a spinnerbait blade on the other wire.

Vermont Umbrella Rig Regulations

Anglers may use only two hooked baits. No teaser baits may be attached. This is pretty clearly stated. Spinnerbait blades are not explicitly mentioned, so please consult with the local fish and game authorities.

Virginia Umbrella Rig Regulations

There are no restrictions on the Umbrella Rig. Five hooks may be used.

Washington Umbrella Rig Regulations

The rules restrict the number of hooked lures to three. Anglers may use teaser baits on the remaining wires.

West Virginia Umbrella Rig Regulations

There are no restrictions placed on the Umbrella Rig.

Wisconsin Umbrella Rig Regulations

Wisconsin clearly restricts the number of hooks to three. However, the law as written appears to restrict the total number of lures, rigged or unrigged, to three. Therefore, we recommend using a three wire version such as the Chubby Chaser Baby Girl.

Wyoming Umbrella Rig Regulations

Umbrella Rigs may be used with a total of three hooked lures. Teaser baits are not explicitly mentioned in the material reviewed. It's best to check with the local authorities.