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Trokar Hooks

Surgically Sharpened Fishing Hooks

The term TroKar comes from the word, Trocar, which is a medical instrument with a sharply pointed end, often three-sided. In modern times, surgical trocars are used to perform laparoscopic surgery and are deployed when the utmost sharpness and ease of penetration is needed.

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About Trokar Hooks

Trokar Fishing HooksLazer Trokar Hooks

Trokar Hooks Sharpness

Surgically Sharpened Technology, or SST, is the term used to describe the one-of-a-kind machinery and patented manufacturing techniques used to make the TroKar hook. SST comes from the medical field, where the sharpest instruments in the world are developed for all types of medical and veterinary medicine. Lazer TroKar worked hand-in-hand with one of the worlds leading manufacturers of surgical grade needles to develop and engineer a point specifically designed for fishing.

The three-sided symmetrical point of the TroKar hook is especially conducive to sharpening and makes the process very easy by simply following the natural contours of the hook. We suggest relying on common sense, and if the point of the hook seems to be dulled from bouncing off rip-rap or debris, a few strokes with a fine-grained hook hone will easily help to add sharpness to the point.

Trokar Hooks Durability

Each TroKar hook has a special and unique point ratio that has been specifically designed for its technique. The TroKar point was developed to mimic the strongest natural shape in nature, a three sided triangle. Used to support span-bridges and skyscrapers, the triangular point helps to disperse pressure amongst its 3 symmetrical sides, allowing for a sticky sharp point all day long.

”I love the durability of these hooks,” says Jason Williamson, “You can catch a fish on a TroKar, re-adjust your bait and continue to fish with the same hook.”

Trokar Hook Styles

Everything you need to catch a legend! TroKar’s line-up is well rounded and complete for today’s hard-core tournament angler. The TroKar lineup contains the following styles of hooks:

  • Round Bend Worm (TK100)
  • Extra Wide Gap (TK110)
  • Magworm, Extra Wide Gap (TK120)
  • Magworm w/ B.A.R.B. (TK125)
  • Flippin’ Hook (TK130)
  • 30 Degree Swimbait (TK140)
  • Drop Shot (TK150)
  • Magnum Swimbait (TK160)
  • Magnum Weighted Swimbait (TK170)
  • Light Wire Finesse Worm (TK180)
  • Tournament Tube (TK190)
  • Round Bend Treble (TK300)
  • Extra Wide Gap Treble (TK310)
  • Octopus Hook (TK400)