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Tica Reels

Tica Fishing was founded in 1965 as Everwinner, LTD of Taichung, Taiwan. In the beginning Everwinner focused on their manufacturing expertise on machined parts and athletic equipment. Soon after, Everwinner started producing fine quality fishing tackle for the world market.
Everwinner’S reputation for high quality innovative products and on time delivery is legendary. In 1991 Everwinner created the “TICA” Brand. For many years Everwinner was a supplier (OEM manufacturer) to many famous fishing tackle brands, “TICA” was Everwinner’S chance to establish themselves under their own label.
TICA has many patents issued for its innovative designs such as “CYBERNETIC” frame concepts which is unique and a major improvement to gear/frame alignment, stability and line management. TICA has always developed its own designs as to give a fresh approach to rods and reels to the fishing world. TICA/Everwinner now has branch operations in Taiwan, USA, Japan, China, Europe and more than 30 agents worldwide!
TICA’s experience at manufacturing technology with their research and development team has led to some of the world’s finest rod and reels. TICA will continue to lead the fishing industry in new designs and quality innovations for the future. You can take price in owning and fishing an engineering masterpiece.