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St. Croix Saltwater Rods

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St. Croix Surf, Inshore and Deep Sea Rods

St. Croix manufacturers some of the finest, yet most affordable saltwater fishing rods on the market today. Determine the type of saltwater fishing you plan to do then select a rod type from the inshore, surf or deep sea rod options.

St. Croix Surf Rods

Surf fishing is the technique of fishing relatively shallow saltwater from shore by casting lures or live bait over the breaking waves. Anglers enjoy this type of fishing due to the relaxing nature of the activity and the beautiful scenery of the locale. Selecting the right surf rod can be a difficult decision due to the ever increasing variables and discrepancy between the rod prices. First and foremost, find your price range and stick to it. There are plenty of quality surf fishing rods for every budget and what good will an expensive surf rod do you if it's sitting in the garage gathering dust? There are many factors to consider when selecting a surf rod and its best to consult our Surf Rod Guide to help you find the most suitable choice for your fishing needs.

St. Croix Inshore Rods

Inshore fishing is best described as the shallow saltwater flats or bays that are traditionally located in the Gulf Coast regions of the United States. Generally speaking, inshore fishing is done in shallow water up to about 20 feet and typically targets fish that rarely exceed 20lbs. Choosing the right gear for the inshore fishing techniques is largely a matter of preference. Anglers should consult our inshore fishing guide for more information.

St. Croix Deep Sea Rods