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Snag Proof Frogs

Turning Frogs into Toads

The Snag Proof Frog lures are very effective and fun to use! The excitement of a big bass or pike blowing up through the weeds or lily pads to get at the frog is terrific! Tournament pros in the world of bass fishing use them to consistently up to the weight in their live wells during tournaments such as the Bassmaster Classic. Topwater Frogs are also good for beginners since they won't be hanging up in the weeds and cleaning weeds from the lure—more time to fish!

Snag Proof is the original hollow-body frog company and “Made in the U.S.A” since 1961. For more than 53 years, Snag Proof has been helping fishermen everywhere enjoy the thrill of a monster bass blowing up through the weeds to grab a Snag Proof lure!

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