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Simms Apparel

Simms Fishing Clothing

Simms Fishing Apparel makes the highest quality fishing gear on the market. The items are designed to provide the most functionality, fishability, and comfort. From their UPF 50+ sun gear to their Pro Dry Rain Gear, Simms fishing products are difficult to beat.

  • Simms Accessories

    Simms Fishing Accessories

  • Simms Footwear

    Simms Footwear

    Simms Shoes, Sandals and Flip-Flops

    Simms shoes, sandals and flip-flops for all types of fishing conditions. Warm weather flip-flops for a day on the water or at the beach. Gore-Tex boots designed for the cold weather conditions with the ability to withstand snow and rain.

  • Simms Gloves

    Simms Gloves

    Simms gloves including sun protection gloves and gloves for warmth.

  • Simms Hats and Buffs

    Simms Hats

    Simms hats, beanies and sun buffs for fishermen of all types. Simms offers sun protection masks, cold weather beanies and branded logo hats for the everyday use.

  • Simms Jackets and Sweatshirts

    Simms Jackets and Sweatshirts

    Simms jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies designed for both functionality and style. The variety of simms outwerwear offers anglers warmth for an inside shell under ProDry gear or as their main wear in mild conditions.

  • Simms Raingear

    Simms Raingear

    Simms Raingear is high quality gear designed to withstand the worst conditions. Their most prevalent product offering is the ProDry line of foul weather gear designed and tested by Bassmaster professionals.

  • Simms Shirts

    Simms Fishing Shirts

    Simms is a clothing company dedicated to creating functional clothing for all outdoorsmen including fishermen. Their extensive research and development has lead to numerous breakthroughs within the industry. Simms continues to strive for perfection by identifying the needs of their customers and creating garments that suit their needs. Many of Simms Shirts possesses a high level of sun protection with ratings of UPF30 or higher. UPF, Ultraviolet Protection Factor, is the term used to indicate how effective a fabric is at blocking out ultraviolet rays from the sun. UPF Rating is based on scale of 15-50 with the highest level 50 offering the most sun protection.

  • Simms Waders

    Simms Waders

    Waders and Accessories

    Simms Waders are high quality offering the most advanced technology for fishermen who wade into rivers, streams and lakes.

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Simms Cuddy Flip Simms Cuddy Flip
Price: $49.95
Simms Logo Hoody Simms Logo Hoody
Price: $54.95
Simms Flask Camo Simms Flask Camo
Price: $29.95
Simms Wall Bottle Opener Simms Wall Bottle Opener
Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $10.99
You save $8.96!

Simms Fishing Apparel

Simms Fishing Philosophy

Wherever you fish, you're going to find fishing guides. And wherever you find fishing guides, you're going to find Simms. Guides need gear that is functional, innovative and can withstand whatever abuse they put it through. What does that mean for someone who's not a professional guide? Anything that's designed to meet the performance needs of guides is gear you can count on. Simms. The choice of professional guides. And anyone else who lives to fish.

Simms is a fishing company. Simms has enjoyed success by staying true to the original vision of their company by building the highest quality products to keep their customers dry, comfortable and protected from the elements in any fishing conditions. Simms works with the very best materials suppliers in the world in their commitment to make high performance, technical clothing and outerwear.

Simms Fishing is the only wader manufacturer in the US, and one of three worldwide that is licensed by W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. to make GORE-TEX® waders. Simms compete through innovation and quality. Simms Fishing staff is largely comprised of committed anglers who understand the importance of quality, dependable fishing gear. They use Simms products all the time, and contribute significantly to their continuous improvement efforts.

Simms Fishing Company Background

Simms Fishing was started in 1980 by John Simms, a well-known and respected fishing guide and outfitter in Jackson, WY. A creative guy and talented artist, John wanted to enhance the fishing experience by developing better waders and accessories. Simms was the second company in the world to introduce neoprene waders in the mid-eighties, which is when the company really started to take shape. At that time, Simms was purchased by a division of Life-Link International in Jackson, WY, and the brand continued to progress. In 1993, K.C. Walsh, a passionate angler and entrepreneur, acquired Simms and relocated the business to Bozeman, MT. Walsh had grown up in a fly fishing family and developed a passion for angling at a young age, mostly fishing the Eastern Sierra of California. It was his life-long dream to live in Montana. The same year that Walsh acquired the company, Simms introduced breathable waders in a pioneering effort with W.L. Gore & Associates (makers of GORE-TEX® fabric) that changed the face of fishing waders and opened up new possibilities for the sport. Although Simms has grown and evolved over the years, their vision remains the same - to build the highest quality products to keep their customers dry, comfortable and protected from the elements in any condition.

Simms Fishing Warranty and Repairs

How Do I Get My Simms Gear Fixed?

To submit any of your Simms gear to Simms Repair Center, click here to create a Return Authorization number and begin the repair process. Typical turnaround time for repairs (with shipping) is about two (2) weeks, but may be longer during periods of high volume. When you are returning product back to Simms for repair or warranty service, please make sure to empty pockets or remove any items that you want to keep - before you return the product to Simms. If you are using removable studs (i.e. HardBite Studs or Star Cleats) and are returning your boots to Simms, please remove the HardBites before sending the boots back. Finally, due to the number of repair returns that we receive, all boxes that we receive repairs are recycled immediately. If you want to keep the box that came with your waders & boots, please don't use that box to send product to Simms. To reach the Repair Center directly, please call (800) 217-4667.