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Silver Horde Lures

Lew and Gladys Morrison started Silver Horde Fishing Supplies, Inc. in the fall of 1948. The company name "Sliver Horde" is the namesake of the book The Silver Horde written by Rex Beach. Lew was inspired by Rex Beach's account of the vast amounts of silvery salmon, known as a "silver horde". The book tells of the birth of Salmon fishing industry in Alaska where a silver hordes of fish were caught in fish traps and nets. The book story was later dramatized and produced as one of the first Hollywood talkie movies.

In 1958 a rising sport recreation angling fleet began using more artificial lures instead of bait. This lead to the development of an injection molded plastic plug specially designed for their needs. This business quickly grew larger and larger. Today anglers across the United States use Silver Horde Sport Plugs for a wide variety of game fish. Silver horde presently manufactures 15 different fishing plugs for the commercial and sport markets.

In the mid 60's Barry Morrison, Lew's nephew, pioneered the use of the brightly colored plastic lures called Squid or Hoochies. The Squid/Hoochies revolutionized commercial fishing tackle techniques. Prior to their introduction the fishermen only had bait or flies to use behind their Flashers or Dodgers. As the hoochies were easy to use and highly effective soon most commercial and sport trollers on the West Coast were using them. Over the past 30 years since their introduction Silver Horde has developed many popular color combinations including their popular "Double Glow Spatter Back" patterns. The Squid, Fly or Spoon trolled behind a Flasher or Dodger has proven to be highly effective for attracting an amazing amount of Salmon and Trout. It is preferred trolling method for most sports or commercial anglers. These are just a few examples of improvements made over the years by Silver Horde to increase their product's quality and effectiveness.

The Silver Horde Kajiki Squids are soft plastic baits manufactured by the Yamashita company in Japan of a special, super soft vinyl. The bait has a supple rubber like quality and the unique material will not absorb water and has zero buoyancy. These qualities allow the skirt to produces a life like bait fish action when fishing using trolling techniques. All Yamashita squids are labeled Silver Horde on our site.

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