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  • Shimano Zodias Rods

    Shimano Zodias Rods

    Price: 189.99 - 199.99

    Shimano's most ambitious rod project to date, the Zodias represents a major step for the Shimano brand and their future. Shimano Zodias Rods are engineered and constructed entirely in house at the Shimano factory using components and materials built by their superior engineers and designers. While the Zodias line was built in Japan, the rod actions were designed here in the United States to meet the needs of bass anglers stateside in order to prevent any re-labeling of rods from their Japenese designations which are typically about a power rating heavier than we have become used to in America.

    The initial Shimano Zodias Rods will include 12 models - six casting in lengths from 6'10" - 7'2" and six spinning from 6'8" - 7' lengths. These lengths were best selected to offer the most versatility possible as the Zodias series is designed with that theme in mind. Shimano designed their Zodias rods to expand their use, not pidgeon hole them based on technique. While technique specific rods can be excellent, many rods share similar characteristics that make them suitable for a far greater scope of use than they are labeled. Shimano's lead rod developer, Robby Gant, came in and spoke with us about his intentions when designing this series. Technically speaking, he emphasized the important of Hi-Power X construction process that uses a taping process to support the rod blank eliminating the unnecessary reverberations displayed by rods in action. Essentially, the Hi-Power X tape will offer more rigidity that focuses the rod's energy in one plane - up and down - when casting rather than being wobbly. The end result is a rod that casts better with increased accuracy and is extremely adverse to breakage.

    Other considerations made for the Shimano Zodias Rods include a Shimano-designed lightweight Ci4+ reel seat that is lighter and more sensitive than any they have ever used before. It's a denser and more rigid graphite that has been used in many of Shimano's latest reel designs. Fuji Alconite K semi-micro guides with stainless steel frames line the rod adding very little weight to the rod and serving as a very solid guide.

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