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Shimano Lucanus Jigs

Shimano Lucanus Jigs
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- Shimano Lucanus Jigs
- Sizes (3): 3oz, 5.3oz and 7oz
- Hooks: Dual Owner

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Shimano Lucanus Jigs

The Lucanus Jigs are saltwater coastal jigs designed to mimic a number of forage species game fish feed upon including jigs mirroring crustaceans, bait fish and shrimp. Shimano first came up with the Lucanus Jigs after hearing of a commercial fishing technique used in Japan which didn't require live bait or heavy irons and instead resembled freshwater bass jigs in both appearance and action. These "rubber" jigs, were being utilized tot catch red snapper that often fed upon creatures that hopped along rocks and sand bars. After researching the technique and testing out the application for themselves, lure designers at Shimano realized the potential a slightly modified version could have for U.S. fishermen. The possibilities were endless, but field tests indicated a tremendous amount of success among anglers targeting rockfish, yellowtail, snapper, cod and many more game fish from the banks of Alaska to the warm waters of baja.

The Lucanus Jig is comprised of a heavy, hydrodynamic head section which allows the jig to sink to the bottom quickly and remain upright as it is retrieved. The head shape enables the Lucanus Jig to crawl over rocks and sand or be hopped vertically to elicit reaction strikes. Incorporated into the head is a dual eyelet line tie which affords anglers the versatility of tying at either spot. The top eyelet is intended for most uses, but should the current be fast or a faster descent be optimal it is suggested to tie at the bottom line tie. In addition to the heads incredibly detailed finish there is also a glow eye that serves as additional attraction when fishing deeper water. Durable silicone skirts are exceptionally detailed and compliment the head color nicely adding to the jig's attractiveness. Extending out from the skirt are two thin silicone trailer arms that mimic the claws of crustaceans, legs of cephalopods or tails of fish. Finishing of the jig is a multiple, free swinging hook configuration that offers an excellent hook-up ratio.

We offer the Shimano Lucanus Jigs in three sizes: 3oz, 5.3oz and 7oz in several excellent colors.

Using the Lucanus Jig

Fishing Shimano Lucanus Jig

Bottom fishing with heavy tackle and cut-baits can be laboring and time consuming; however. Lucanus takes the labor out of sportfishing and provides you the freedom of fishing without the need for live bait. Lucanus is effective in each season but performs the best in cold water conditions when fish aren't so active. Lucanus is an easy and simple style of bottom fishing with light tackle. Unlike Shimano's Butterfly Jigging technique's quick up and down motion, the Lucanus technique is a slow up and down motion a few feet over the bottom. Fish bites are visible and can be felt directly through the soft rod tip guaranteeing anglers excitement and enjoyment.

Shimano Lucanus Technique

Lucanus Q&A

  • Q: The hook seems too small. Why?
  • A: The hook that comes with the Lucanus Jig is selected to be the best choice for fish to be hooked by themselves. Multiple hook systems can provide a better hooking ratio.

  • Q: How can I use Lucanus on the party boat while everyone is rigged dropper loop with a heavy sinker? If I throw Lucanus Jig, it gets tangled with someone else.
  • A: You can tie a minimum 7ft. long line from the bottom eyelet of the Lucanus Jig just like a drop-shot rigging. The technique you will take is to crank up the Lucanus Jig until you feel the sinker, then drop the jig back again and repeat this action several times.

  • Q: How many Lucanus Jigs per rod can be set?
  • A: Check with local Game & Fish Department to find out about local regulations. In California, it is limited to 2 hooks per line to target Rockfish and Lingcod. Lucanus Jig hooks are considered as 2 hooks per jig. Thus, you cannot use more than one Lucanus Jigs per rod when targeting Rockfish and Lingcod in the State of California.

  • Q: I got a good fish bite but I missed hooking the many times. Why?
  • A: When you see the fish bite, do not set the hook. Keep reeling the line very slowly until you feel the fish is on by itself. Then, lift the rod to make sure the fish is hooked.

  • Q: I don’t get fish bites when I reel faster. Why?
  • A: Lucanus works the best when the jig moves as slow as possible. Fast moving the jig doesn’t always get bites in the most common case of cold water bottom fishing.

  • Q: What is the reason that Shimano is recommending monofilament leader for Lucanus Jig fishing?
  • A: Lucanus Jig fishing uses a soft rod tip. The expandable monofilament leader helps the fish bite the jig harder in their mouth achieving a better hook up ratio.

  • Q: What color jig should I use for fishing Cod?
  • A: Shimano has provided a recommended Target Species by Color chart for specific target fish. This chart shows only examples and suggestions when you make your initial selection. Preferences of jig colors vary geographically and from season to season. For example, bottom fish feed on crabs in the middle of winter, and then they start feeding bait fish in early spring.

Lucanus Jig Equipment

The reel is a Calcutta 400LJV (Lucanus Jig Version) that offers an adjustable handle shank and 5:0.1 gear ratio that aids in the slower retrieve needed, plus gives the power to winch in the big boys. If you have fi shed any of the Calcutta reels, you know the quality features they afford an angler like high efficiency gearing and anti-rust bearings.The rods – Tescata - are designed specifically with tapers to meet every jig weight. The rods off er an extra fast taper, but with the back-bone to handle larger fish with ease. The sensitivity of the rod, which is enhanced by the use of braid in the 10- to 50-pound test rage, allows the angler to feel the light taps on the jig, which will signal a fish is slowly inhaling the jig.

The Lucanus system works best when the jig moves as slowly as possible. Tescata rods are specially designed with an extra soft rod tip; when you see the fish bite, rather than setting the hook an angler just keeps reeling slowly. Bottom fish keep coming up on the attack, and after inhaling, the two smallish Owner hooks inevitably self-hook the fish, making the hookup similar to circle hooks where you just lift and begin reeling.

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Really Cool April 19, 2014
Reviewer: Kal Soares from Huntington Beach, CA  
I fish these all the time for a lot of different fish. Fun to use and can be way better than live bait.

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