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At the core of Sebile's company is a passion not only for fishing but distinctly improving the tools of which anglers use. The environments change and the species may change, but the challenge is always the same.Sebile's goal was not to start another lure company but to create a company with the purpose of giving the angler tools birthed from the most innovative concepts and ideas available today. Each detail from the natural unique actions of the Evidence series to the revolutionary fluid filled Possessed series is derived form detailed scientific studies of predators and prey.Go ahead put them to the test. The true test is always performance. Each lure is designed to perform distinct movements and actions imitating various natural movements of the prey. Intense vibration, fluid movements, and subtle turbulences provide the triggers drawing strikes from the wariest of predator.

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Sebile Flat Belly Walker Sebile Flat Belly Walker
Price: $6.99
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Sebile Star Shiner Sebile Star Shiner (Rip Bait)
Price: $7.99
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Sebile Action First Bull Crank Sebile Action First Bull Crank
MSRP: $6.99
Special Discount: $4.99
2 Sizes
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Sebile Products

D&S Crankbait

The Sebile D&S Crankbait was awared the best new hardbait at Icast 2011. This unique lure designed by Patrick Sebile gives anglers a deep-diving crankbait that can be fished in any heavy cover without worry of snags.

The awards are given each year to the best products in each category and then voted on by select ICAST attendees including active editorial journalists and retailers. “The D&S Crank is a phenomenal crankbait for fishing in heavy cover,” said Patrick Sebile, Hard Bait Development. “The Sebile D&S Crank is a new twist on a once traditional bait. It is always exciting to be recognized at ICAST; it is exciting to win this award as part of the Pure Fishing family.”

The triangular-shaped body is armed with a moving wide gap hook so the point is protected by the lures flattened tail making the D&S Crank one of the first conservation-conscious lures. Since anglers no longer need deal with treble hooks, catch and release is easier, faster and much more safe for the fish.

Whether retrieved or trolled, Sebile’s unique Gravity Snagless Hook System uses earth’s natural attraction to hold the hook down in its lowest position possible. This allows the bait to run through heavy grass, brush and rocks without fear of snagging. The hook moves upward on the lure’s body during a strike for an immediate hook set.

Internally, three partitions each contain a bead that rolls different lengths to create different sound levels, making the D&S Crank widely targetable for a reaction strike on many levels. This bait is designed to run as deep as 20 feet while cranking and 28 feet while trolling, and is constructed of heavy-duty, ultrasonic-welded ABS material.

The D&S Crank is a premium lure designed for any fisherman that likes to target those species that hold tight to cover, but it also works well in the open water. It is available in nine fishcatching colors including: Matte Orange/Yellow Crawdad, Matte Brown/Red Crawdad, Holo Greenie, FireTiger Gold, Hot Lime, Natural Red Tilapia, Natural Shiner, Blue Althea and Natural Gold Shiner.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Swimbaits

The real life action of the magic swimmer will fool the most finicky fish. Its specially designed joints allows for a naturally free-swimming motion guaranteed to trigger strikes. As it subtly moves through the water its sound chamber emits a discrete chatter. Superior balance allows for excellent casting and a steady retrieve at a variety of depths. This swim-bait is best used with a steady retrieve accented by twitches of the rod-tip. Speed and depth of retrieve are controlled by the angler.

Soft Magic Swimmer

  • Can be rigged weedless due to large hollow slit that allows wide gap hook to fit nicely in body
  • Longer lasting soft plastic due to hole in the nose and back allows the swimmer to slide on the leader once fish hooked
  • Soft body for fish to hold on longer
  • Great for skipping under docks and trees
  • Same quality of painting finish as the hard Magic Swimmer!
  • Very easy to rig: open the belly's cut, slide the wide gap hook point into it through the back hole, then pull on the head and place hook eye from inside the head to outside's mouth. Perfect to be used with Awards Winner Soft Weight System. Different position of the tungsten rubber weights on the hook provides different actions to fit fishes and situations.

Sebile Crankster Crankbait

  • Free bead mass transfer system designed for maximum distance and accuracy
  • Single large bead creates low pitch rattle
  • Lip created to deflect off cover to trigger reaction strikes(BMC)
  • Body shape contoured unlike other Fat-Bodied baits to optimize aerodynamics during cast
  • Gap between lip and body allows for a faster response when lure is first retrieve
  • SR version is equipped with stronger hooks for heavy cover fishing application
  • MR version has glass beads in head to incorporate a high pitch rattle as well

Sebile Soft Stick Shadd

  • Brings almost all of the advantages of the hard version with the added feature of being soft and hollow for all kinds of riggings, including weedless and jigs.
  • Streamlined shape very efficient for distance casts.
  • Baits wobble on the fall if used with a soft weight system wide gap hook.
  • Bait will outskip any other lure, hard or soft!!
  • Hollow body with thick walls allows the bait to be durable, but does not hinder the angler from setting a hook due to collapsible body.
  • Emulates a real fish's burst and movements under every jerk. In other words, when fish are startled their body muscles contract in an "S" pattern very quickly to achieve a certain acceleration, then stop their tail and glide through the water with ease.
  • Sebile Flats jigheads and Soft Weight systems are highly recommended with Stick Shadd Hollow