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Savant Spoons

The Savant Spoons are the ultimate new lures for Trout, Char, and Salmon created from scientific studies of these gamefish.

"Have you every looked in your tackle box and found a number of lures that seemingly have been there forever yet they have never seen the end of your line or you may have used them occasionally over the years with little or no success? It has always seemed to me all those colorful lures do a better job of catching fishermen than fish. I set out to create a bait that works consistently triggering strikes using facts not fiction " - Tom Manning
The Savant Spoon was founded on the basis of scientific findings on how game and predator fish feed and react to baitfish. Unlike many lures that attempt to simply "copy" the action and color of other lures the Savant Spoon was designed after extensive review of marine and freshwater research on the habits and attributes of Ciscoes, herring, alewives, rainbow smelt, suckers and shad - how they swim, their reaction to gamefish, the sounds, their environment, seasonal changes, and electrical stimulation given off during feeding.

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