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Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout V2 - 6"

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout V2 6"
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- Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout V2 - 6"
- Length: 6"
- Sink Rates (3): Floating, Slow Sink, Moderate Sink
- Many Colors

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Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout V2 - 6"

Maintaining all the same great features of the original, the new Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Trout V2 6" is an updated version of this wildly popular swimbait that now allows the line to be threaded through either the top or bottom of the bait. Basically, Savage Gear created two swimbaits in one ~ no need to buy a top hook and bottom hook version, this bait can be fished either way. Another modification is placement of the line entry on the moderate sink. Instead of remaining in its current location in the center of the mouth, the new version 2 positions it above the head in order to keep the swimbait planing correctly. In the original version, users experienced the bait traveling upward toward the surface when employing a faster retrieve.

The 6" Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout V2 is a jointed soft plastic swimbait featuring an extremely realistic appearance and action. The 3D Trout blurs the line between lure and live bait. Based on a 3D scan of a hatchery trout, this bait is reinforced with nylon mesh to offer a one of a kind silent line thru soft plastic jointed swimbait. The top hook line thru design means this bait can be fished around heavy cover and throughout the entire water column. This is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the bait. For years swimbait anglers have modified their line through swimbaits to decrease the bait's probability of snagging. Retrieving the line through baits along the bottom or over structure was nearly impossible and typically resulted in constant snags. The top-hook line thru placement increases the bait's versatility immensely. In addition a special slot in the baits harness anchors the hook in the harness not the soft plastic body of the bait. The hook will not tear through the soft body material on casts or hook sets.

The 6" 3D Line Thru Trout V2 offers swimbait fishermen the ultimate realism in both appearance and swimming action appealing to a number of different predatory species of fish. Bass anglers will find this bait's swimming motion to precisely mimic not only trout, but several other forage species big bass feed upon - blueback herring, shad, tilapia and hitch just to name a few. It's worth noting, there have been other swimbaits on the market that provided similar levels of realism, but were poorly received after anglers found their durability to be an issue. Savage Gear took that fully into consideration when engineering their line thru 3D trout. They utilized a nylon mesh throughout the bait that keeps it from tearing and enables it to withstand vicious strikes from big fish. Toothy critters may leave their mark, but bass and stripers will prove no problem.

The 6" 3D Line Thru Trout V2 is available in three different sink rates: floating, slow sink and moderate sinking. Savage Gear was one of 2013 ICAST's more intriguing companies due to their innovative product offering and steadfast commitment to thorough real life testing. Their strong showing in 2014 just confirmed what many of us within the industry already knew, they're here to stay!. They have already garnered a lot of praise for their designs and quality; the newly updated 3D Line Thru Trout V2 is sure to continue that trend. We will offer the 6" Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout V2 in all three sink rates: Floating, Slow and Moderate available in several color options.

The Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout V2 will also be available in 8" and 12" sizes.

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Savage July 18, 2016
Reviewer: Beau Whittington from Buffalo, WV United States  
Caught my second biggest swimbait fish in a highly pressured lake on the baby bass color. Absolutely inhaled the bait. Very realistic swimming action and gets drilled.

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Smallmouth Slayer May 3, 2016
Reviewer: Fishing Geek from Midland, MI United States  
I was able to get a 22 inch 5lb smallie to take a top water swimbait in 50 Degrees Fahrenheit water. Great swimming, easy using, and newb friendly, simple cast out and reel in.

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Price is right September 18, 2014
Reviewer: Frank from Mechanicsburg, PA United States  
Have yet to get this out but lure fills a niche in tackle box at a very reasonable price for the highly realistic bait.

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Savage Gear Line Thru Trout V2-6'' September 14, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Euclid, OH United States  
Beautiful  life-like 3D finish and nice swimming action, better than some of the more expensive baits at a nice price. Haven't caught anything yet  but give it time!

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