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Soft Plastic Baits

Roboworm is the manufacturer of high quality soft plastic bass baits. The name Roboworm derives from their robotic pour process which delivers perfect, soft pours every single time. Roboworm is located in the beautiful city of Camarillo, California. Started in 1989 by Harvey and Greg Stump. Robotic machine technology was invented to automatically pour worms in the exact same manner as traditional "hand pour" worms. Over the years their products, customer base, and machinery have evolved into what is now the leading manufacturer of custom "poured" worms. Roboworm prides themselves on quality control and customer satisfaction. Roboworm's most popular products are definitely their finesse worms which have become the industry standard to which all other finesse worms are compared. If you are looking for that perfect worm to match that specific forage fish, Roboworm definitely has that custom color for you - We currently stock over 35 different colors of their straight tail finesse worms alone, not counting their FX series. We've also partnered with Roboworm to create two exclusive colors: Monster Shad and Monster Hitch which have quickly become two of the best selling colors across the country.

Roboworm Products

Roboworm Straight Tail Worms

Roboworm's flagship series. These are the worms that started it all, Roboworm's original straight tail worm. Computer, and robotic engineered precision hand poured style soft plastic worms. Featuring Roboworm's awesome triple color pours and Roboworm's exclusive "salt release system". When a fish strikes these worms, a burst of salt is emitted, causing the fish to hold onto the bait longer, enabling the angler to detect the bite. No other soft plastic worm can match the detail in colors that Roboworm produces in this line up. This line features the often copied, but never duplicated Aaron's Magic, the top selling color in soft plastic history. The Roboworm straight tail worms excel in all applications, including drop shotting, shakey head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, dart head, split shot rig, flipping' and pitching'. Made in the U.S.A..

Roboworm Curly Tail Worms

Roboworm's finesse line up of Curly tail worms are a must have in your tackle box. Featuring Roboworm's exclusive "salt release technology", these worms offer a subtle, thin curly tail that really draws in the strikes. These worm's feature our hand poured style, triple color pours, in all of our most popular colors. The 5.5" model is textured for added realism. Great for drop shotting, split shotting, darter heads, shakey heads, or a finesse Carolina rig. Made in the U.S.A.

Roboworm Fat Worms

Roboworm has done it again, taking plastic worms to the next level with the FAT Worm series. "Old School" FAT worms were a customer request for years. Well, here you go! Poured with Roboworm's precise computor guided machinery, this series features three color pours, and a thicker body that fish won't ignore. Also featuring Roboworm's "Salt Release Technology", fish receive a burst of salt with every bite, and they won't let go. Made in the U.S.A.

Roboworm Aive Shad

The Roboworm Alive Shad is one of Roboworm's most effective finesse baits. Its "hand poured" style shad-shaped body is super sensitive and supple, creating a realistic and enticing action. Roboworm uses state-of-the-art robotic technology to create consistent, well-defined triple color pours every time. The dynamic color combination's give anglers different options and provide the versatility to catch fish in all types of conditions. Excellent for split shotting, the curved belly of the shad-shaped bait makes it float and glide enticingly through the water. The Alive Shad is also a great choice for dropshotting. The thin tail section offers plenty of movement even when the bait is still. When the bait gets bit, Roboworm's exclusive Salt Release System provides a burst of salt that will make bass hold on longer for a better catch ratio. Roboworm and the Alive Shad are quickly becoming the choice for recreational anglers and pros alike because of their consistency and effectiveness, especially on highly pressured fish. Made in the U.S.A.!

Roboworm FX Series

Roboworm FX Series - These are the next generation of Soft Plastics! Roboworm's exclusive FX series features a triple color, hand poured style bait with an awesome 3D affect. Our precise robotic pouring system allows us to create a worm with colors that fish have never seen before. These worms shine when your ordinary colors just won't cut it. Flip, pitch, drop shot, shakey head, Texas rig, split shot these worms when the bite is tough, or when you need that extra edge in your tournament. Made in the U.S.A..

Roboworm Swimbaits

Roboworm Swim Baits have been made to fit into your tackle box of tools. Roboworm has created a special plastic formulation that is durable, yet soft enough to impart fantastic swimming action. Countless hours of research and Pro Staff testing has helped us develop our swim baits to match any situation you encounter on the water. Roboworm's Ocean Swim Bait Tails are deadly on everything from Calico Bass to Tuna. Many Professional bass anglers have found that these tails work great while probing deep ledges with a lead head jig. Roboworm's EZ-Shad is a completely weedless swim bait. You can throw this bait into the thickest jungles to pull out giant bass. Roboworm has also created an awesome swim bait for the popular umbrella rigs. The 4.25 Robo Minnow works great with a lead head on umbrella rigs, or can be fished weedless with an EWG belly weighted hook for a finesse swim bait. Only your imagination can limit what this line of swim baits can do. Made in the U.S.A.!

Roboworm Rebarb Hooks

Roboworm Rebarb Hooks are designed specifically for rigging soft plastic worms. All Roboworm Rebarb Hooks are made with high quality Gamakatsu Hooks. The molded plastic "Rebarb" on the hook shank holds the worm securely in place. When rigged properly, the plastic Rebarb is pushed through the worm and backed up to wedge against the inside of the worm to prevent it from sliding down. Available in all sizes to fit your favorite Roboworm.