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ReelSonar iBobber
ReelSonar iBobber
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- ReelSonar iBobber


ReelSonar iBobber

Love at first cast. The fishfinder that syncs with your smart phone or tablet.

From your first cast, there’s a lot to love about iBobber. You’ll love that it syncs via bluetooth with your iPhone or iPad up to 100’ away, so you have a fishfinder that’s as mobile as you are. iBobber uses sophisticated sonar to locate fish up to 135’ under water, while the intuitive app enables you to GPS tag favorite hotspots, map waterbed contours, and measures water temperature. And you’ll love that you can save details of all your fishing adventures with the Trip Log, and share it all on social media. You’ll also love the Lunar Calendar, Fish and Strike Alarm, LED Beacon, Weather sync, and stunning graphics. The love gets even deeper when you see how simple iBobber is to use. One cast and you’ll be hooked. Fish with it and you’ll have great stories to tell. A love story, too. Download the free app for iPhone or Android

Fishing is fun. Finding fish is more fun.

iBobber is for anyone who loves to find fish, and wants to catch more of them. Just cast it and Ping! iBobber syncs via Bluetooth Smart and shows you where the fish are. iBobber is simple to use, easy to charge, and can help make fishing more fun than it's ever been. Even if you have a boat-mounted fishfinder, iBobber can free you from seeing fish only under your boat. And finding more fish is always a lot more fun than just fishing.

How Does iBobber Work?

Simple. Just attach a fishing line through the eyelet of the iBobber and cast where you want to see under the water, or where you want to begin to map the contour of the waterbed. The iBobber turns on upon contact with the water, and begins to "see" fish, depth, and water temperature. To map the contour of the waterbed contour down to 135ft, all you do is tap the app to the Waterbed Mapping screen, tap to begin, reel in the iBobber at a slow rate, tap to stop, and you've got a contour of the waterbed. Couldn't be easier. And even better, the iBobber can be used from a boat, kayak, pier, or from shore.

Will iBobber Work with Every Smart Phone & Tablet?

Not yet. Currently iBobber works with smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) that support iOS 6.0 and 7.0 (Apple) operating systems. Here's a list: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPad 3, iPad 4, Mini, Air. Soon we'll support Android 2.2— Samsung Android 4.0 devices— Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Is the iBobber Water Proof?

Yes. The iBobber case is sealed so water won't get in. And it has an IP67 protection rating. Wondering what IP67 stands for? Here's the skinny: In simple terms, you don't want ingress of dust or water into the iBobber case. You want protection for the iBobber, and ultimately, protection for your fun day of fishing.

Can I Use the iBobber Ice Fishing?

Yes. Nice thing about using iBobber, if you need to leave your ice shanty for any reason, you can take your smart device with you and keep tabs on the fish, and/or see if you've got a strike.

Does the iBobber Have a Warranty?

Of course. iBobber has a 1-year Limited Warranty that covers your purchase / return for up to one year if the iBobber is defective. You would be responsible for shipping the iBobber back to us with our Return Authorization, and once we make sure it hasn't been externally damaged, which led to the defect, we would send you a new one. As for our return policy... if purchased directly from ReelSonar.com we operate like many retailers— you can return the iBobber with our Return Authorization within 30 days of purchase. The iBobber and all its accessories will need to be unused and in the original box. You would be responsible for shipping the iBobber back to us. Naturally, if purchased from one of our retailers, our 1-year Limited Warranty is in effect, but the retailers return policy would apply.

iBobber Features:

Sonar: 3' - 135’ deep • Depth scale & Fish depth & 2 sizes GPS Tagging: Tag fishing hotspots
Waterbed Mapping: Up to 100' H20 Temp
Lunar Calendar: Month & Day, Moon & Sun rise/set Fish Alarm
Weather: Temp, Rain, Wind & Barometer LED Beacon: Remote On / Off
Strike Alarm: On / Off / Adjustable Battery Status
Trip Log: Date, Time, Location, Title, Conditions, Type of Fishing, Lure, # of fish caught/species, Map
Included: iBobber, USB Charger, Carry Pouch, Instructions, App Redemption

iBobber Specs:

Sonar Depth: 3' to 135ft / 41m Units: Imperial / Metric
Bluetooth Range: Up to 100ft / 30m Battery: 3.7V Rechargeable
Sonar: Single Beam, 90° , 118kHz Battery Charge: Up to 8 hours / Standby ~ weeks
Bluetooth: Bluetooth Smart v4.0 Size: 59mm Diameter
Power: Auto-On in water Weight: 47gm / 1.7oz

iBobber Fishing iPhone

Where finding fish begins.

The iBobber app is simple and intuitive. It has everything you need, nothing you don’t.

  • Reel Sonar iBobber DepthSonar - Pings up to 135ft/41m deep.
  • iBobber Weather Weather - Always at your fingertips.
  • iBobber Settings Settings - Syncs your device via bluetooth.
  • iBobber Maps Waterbed - Map the contour of the waterbed.
  • iBobber Calendar Calendar - For best fishing times.
  • iBobber Trip LogTrip Log - Captures all your adventures.

iBobber Sonar

The Sonar Dashboard shows you where the fish are… depth & size.

On the iBobber sonar dashboard you'll see a convenient depth scale on the left, depth tags for each fish that's pinged by the sonar, and two fish sizes— orange tag is fish under 15", green tag is over 15". You'll also see if there's vegetation on the bottom. iBobber sonar detects fish from 3 to135ft/41m deep, and lets you see where they are and how many there are...so maybe this time that big one won't get away.

iPhone iBobber Fishing

Sonar Status.
Keeps you in the loop, and in control.

With a simple tap you can see some important stats— Battery status and h30 temperature.

You can also turn on and off the Fish Alarm, and on and off and adjust the Strike alarm. And control the LED beacon on the iBobber for night fishing, or to see it on the water in low light conditions.

Reel Sonar iBobber Fishing App

Access in an instant because the weather can change just as quickly.

iBobber weather is GPS based and provides current temperature, estimated high and low temperature for the day, the percentage chance of rain, the wind speed and what direction it's blowing in from, as well as the barometric pressure.

iBobber Fishing

Lunar Calendar.
Sunrise and sunset. Moonrise and moonset. Helps you predict when the fish are biting.

The monthly lunar calendar screen will give you the moon phases by day and date. And you can also get the moon rise and set, and the sun rise and set— just tap today's date to see it.

iBobber App

Trip Log.
Record and share all your adventures.

Just tap any GPS Tag button on any screen and the Date, Time, and Location of your trip auto-loads in Trip Log. Name your trip, then log conditions and the type of fishing. Track lures the fish are hitting on, and species of fish you've caught. Then share it all with your friends who are stuck back in the office.

iBobber for Sale

Waterbed Mapping.
Up to 100' away.

Now you can see the contour of the waterbed on your smart device. Just cast the iBobber, tap Begin, get ready to a count of 3, then reel the iBobber over the area to map, tap Stop, and have a look at the waterbed map (up to 135' deep), and the contours of the bottom.

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