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Reel Sonar

The concept for iBobber began in the Spring of 2012 with a very simple question that Alex, Reel Sonar CEO, asked of himself when he was trying to catch bass with his father-in-law. Fishing from the back of the boat, Alex looked longingly at Jim's boat-mounted fish finder that was mounted too far forward to see the screen clearly. And Alex wondered, "why can't I have a fishfinder connected to my iPhone, then I can see it anywhere I'm on the boat? Or from shore, or a pier, or a kayak, or from a friend's boat?!" And so iBobber was born. As you get to know the company, you'll find that ReelSonar is a company not only created by guys who love to fish, but that they're dedicated to helping all anglers, amateur to professional, young to old, bait lovers and lure aficionados, find more fish so they can catch more fish.

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