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Reaction Innovations

Reaction Innovations products including the Sweet Beaver, Kinky Beaver and the Skinny Dipper Swimbait. Reaction Innovations has been one of the most popular soft plastic bait manufacturers for many years and continue to create innovative bass baits.

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Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver Baits

Original Sweet Beaver

The Sweet Beaver was created by Reaction Innovations founder Andre Moore in order to be used as his primary flipping bait. Moore's success was realized after two FLW Tour tournament wins on Beaver Lake, giving the bait both a following and bestowing upon it a name, the Beaver. Since its introduction, the bait has sustained success for bass fisherman all over the country and spawned a whole new category of soft plastic flipping baits; the beaver bait. The Sweet Beaver's appearance most closely resembles a crawfish, but with the wide range of color options available, the bait be used to mimic a number of forage options from the aforementioned crawfish to bluegill, crappie, shad and more. The bait's streamlines design affords angler the ability to place the bait into heavy cover without fear that the bait's body will interfere with the presentation. Among the most popular uses is punching, where the sweet beaver excels.

Smallie Beaver

The Smallie Beaver is a smaller version of the original sweet beaver that was created to meet anglers' needs. Anglers had found additional uses for the original Sweet Beaver including use on the drop shot, shakey head and as a jig trailer. These uses necessitated a smaller profile and so the smallie beaver came to be. The Smallie Beaver has been used for many applications including punching heavy vegetation, shakey head, drop shot and as a jig trailer. The Smallie Beaver is 3.5" in length and offers a slightly thinner width than the original.

Double Wide Beaver

The Double Wide Beaver is another bait made in the Sweet Beaver mold, however this model possesses a larger bulkier size measuring 5.2" in length. The Double Wide Beaver was strictly created for those anglers that wish to target the biggest bass when flipping, pitching or punching. The Double Wide Beaver offers anglers the ability to up-size their presentation in hopes of eliminating the bites from smaller bass and focusing solely on the biggest bass. If you are fishing a body of water that holds big bass then the Double Wide Beaver should be taken into consideration.

Kinky Beaver

The Kinky Beaver is another model of bait taken from the same mold as the original Sweet Beaver. The Kinky Beaver, although sharing the same body as the Sweet Beaver, possesses different appendages that set it apart from the other baits in the Sweet Beaver family. The Kinky Beaver's claws are in fact small boot tail swimbaits that offer the bait a natural swimming motion that is evident when the bait is free falling or being retrieved by the angler. The other new aspect of the Kinky Beaver are thin legs that have a very subtle movement to them. The additions of the Kinky Beaver result in a bait affords maximum versatility.