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Rago Swimbaits

Making Big Fish Baits Since 1994

A renowned big fish angler Jerry Rago started making baits in the mid 90's.

"I had been dabling in the process of bait creation for a short time, when on the drive home from the lake one day I saw a rat run across the road. I literally made my first rat bait that evening. On my very first cast with it at a local pond I caught a 5 pounder. Then I went to show a friend and on my very first cast on it on a totally different pond, I hooked another 5 pounder." - Jerry Rago

Rago Baits are premium swimbaits that catch bass all over the country. Professional anglers Skeet Reese and Byron Velvick have used Rago Baits to win Bassmaster Elite Series Events. The anglers each have their own signature bait; Skeet Reese - SKT Swimmer and Byron Velvick - BV3D.

Jerry Rago is well known in the trophy bass scene as both an angler and a lure designer. Rago's baits have fooled thousands of giant bass in all corners of the USA and Japan. It's time you use the right "tool" for the job, tie on a Rago Bait today and get bit!

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Rago 11" Soft Tool Swimbait Rago Glide Gill Rago Glideator Swimbait Rago Injected Rat Wakebait
Price: 49.99
Price: 89.99
Starting at 99.99
Price: 24.99
Rago Soft Tool Swimbait 11" Rago Glide Gill Rago Glideator Swimbait Rago Rat Injected
Rago Velvick BV3D 7" Top Hook Swimbait Rago Top Trout Rago Mini BV3D 5.5" Top Hook Swimbait Rago SKT Swimmer 6" Line Through Swimbait
Price: 25.99
MSRP $69.99
Sale Starting at 44.99
You save $25.00!
Price: 20.99
Price: 22.99
Rago Swimbaits BV3D 7 TH Rago Top Trout Rago Mini BV3D Top Hook Swimbait Rago Swimbaits SKT 6 LT
Rago Poppa Walka Swimbait Rago Slob Stick
Price: 49.99
Price: 69.99
Rago Poppa Walka Swimbait Rago Slob Stick

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