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Some people don't understand why we get so excited when we shave a fraction of an ounce off our reels. Or increase spool rotation by a few dozen RPMs. But those people probably don't take fishing as seriously as we do. Every Performance Tuned rod and reel has been tricked-out to give you that extra edge on the water. It's an edge that has helped Quantum pros like Kevin VanDam, Gary Klein, Gerald Swindle and Shaw Grigsby win big tournaments. At Quantum, we subject our reels to a grueling series of torture tests to make sure they perform well over a lifetime of casts. We dunk reels in saltwater tanks to check corrosion protection. We run them continuously on testing machines for millions of hours each year to see what they're made of. No matter what kind of fish you're after, fresh or saltwater, Quantum PT rods and reels are up for the challenge of helping you win bragging rights with your buddies.
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Quantum Boca Spinning Reel Quantum Boca PT Spinning Reel
Starting at $139.99
6 Sizes
UNYIELDING METAL CONSTRUCTION: All PT reels begin with single-piece aluminum frames, each machined with computer-guided precision, to hold all critical components in perfect alignment. We use special high-strength grades of aluminum to yield lightweight reels that will not flex even during heavy cranking.

CERAMICS TAKE THE HEAT: PT drag systems feature ceramic washers to dissipate heat during long runs. We also use ceramics to reduce wear in our baitcast levelwind systems.

CUSTOMIZED BEARINGS: Most reels use stock bearings made for other applications. Not ours. We designed our own high-grade stainless bearings to exact specs to minimize vibration and friction. Then we fith them in a special polymer cage for added sensitivity and corrosion protection.

TIMAG®II BAIL: The only spinning reels with a Nickel-Titanium b ail wire that never gets bent out of shape. And unlike traditional bail springs, our magnetic bail trip will never wear out — and it's guaranteed for life.

TITANIUM FINISH: For maximum scratch protection, our advanced vacuum deposition coating bonds titanium molecules to the base metal of our Tour Edition PT baicast and spinning reels, as well as our Energy PTi-B spinning reels.

WITHSTANDING THE SALT ASSAULT: Working with corrosion experts, we developed our own six-layer Saltgard™ finish to keep PT saltwater reels performing their best.

MAXIMUM CONTROL: Quantum's exlusive ACS™ system is now the cast control standard because it's the most accurate braking system ever designed for baitcast reels. The external dial allows you to adjust the centrifugal brakes to perfect match your fishing situation, without having to disassemble the reel. LIME

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Quantum's exclusive LMS™ Line Management System, available on every Quantum PT spinning reel, is re-designed for 2009 to allow your line to be directed to the line roller even more smoothly upon retrieve.

"BURNER" 7.0:1 GEARS: Available in every PT baitcast series, our ultra-high-speed "Burner" gear system allows you to rip your bait back ot the boat faster so you can cover more watter, targeting the hot spots more effectively in a shorter period of time.

POUR ON THE SAUCE: Quantum Hot sauce contains a special, proprietary blend of synthetic and organic additives to provide the ultimate balance in performance, protection, durability, and smoothness in both grease and oil for all fishing equipment.