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How to Punch

Punching Technique for Bass
Punching has quickly become one of the hottest techniques nation wide for catching large bass. During the hot summer months the largest bass often move deep into the cover where anglers couldn't get. The development of new products like "punch skirts", large tungsten weights, miller punching weights, super strong braided line and stronger hooks has made getting to these deep cover fish a reality. There something about hooking a fish through a foot of vegetation and then fighting them out and getting them in the boat that is pretty darn exciting.

Punching Gear

The most popular punch rig consists of the following pieces.
Listed in the order you add them to your line.
1. Minimum 65lb Braided Line
2. Bobber stopper(s) / weight stopper
3. Large flipping weight generally 1oz or more
4. Punch Skirt
5. Flippin' hook
6. Plastic bait generally a craw/creature bait

Click here for videos on punching.

Braided Line for Punching Flipping Hooks Punch Baits

Punch Skirts Punch Stops Punch Weights

Punching Rods