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Powell Warranty Information

Powell Endurance Bass Rods

This is a new series of 16 rod models that bare distinctive graphics with a purple water spot pattern, matching thread wraps with black and silver trim, purple galvanized aluminum non corrosive trim rings on a matte black blank. Most all of the models feature new lengths and rod blank tapers, and will be available beginning in November 2010. All of the rods will be constructed on Powell’s proprietary Maxumfiber blank technology, a special blend of fibers that reduces weight without sacrificing strength. The new rods will still feature Fuji reel seats and Fuji Alconite guides; however, the guides on these new rods will begin with a smaller first guide, yet large enough for knots and debris to pass through. These guides are smaller than the guides used on other Powell Rods. Fuji Alconite guides are a standard setting guide in the rod building community

Powell Max Bass Casting

Powell Swimbait Rods

Often nearing a foot in length and weighing several ounces, swimbaits require highly specialized rods. When you're after the biggest Bass with the biggest of lures, reach for a MAX Swimbait rod. These rods give you the ability to feel the lightest of bites, yet they'll load up and fire a shoe-sized swimbait across a main lake point with authority. Into using the smaller fish trap style baits? No problem. There are several models more friendly to these compact baits. You will be amazed at how light, strong, and accurate they really are. The rods come in various lengths and line ratings suitable for many different scenarios.

Powell Flipping and Pitching Rods

Heavy duty techniques require heavy duty rods up to the task of fishing in and over thick, gnarly cover. Don't let the brute power of this series fool you, because like all MAX rods they remain light in hand. Pitching creature baits to wood punching heavy weighted baits through lily pads you will find a Max Heavy Duty rod suitable to your application.

Powell Crankbait and Spinnerbait Rods

Pitching and chucking blades and senkos into small pockets. Running buzzbaits and walking spooks over grass beds and fishing long-leader Carolina rigs in deep water. With these types of presentations you need a rod with the right amount of forgiveness, allowing the fish to inhale the bait with less resistance. Not only does this series deliver that, but they also provide the hook setting power necessary when and where you need it most. The rods come in various lengths and line ratings suitable for many different scenarios.

Powell Frog Rods

Walking frogs in open water or pulling them over moss mats Max Heavy Duty rods are suitable to this application. With responsive tips for precision presentations and backbones as powerful as a turbo charged diesel, you will be able to pull the largest fish out of the nastiest cover.

Powell Jig and Texas Rig Rods

Simply put, this is a powerful series of rods. Extremely light in weight yet deceivingly powerful, these rods excel at techniques such as fishing texas rigs, creature baits, and jigs. Like all Powell rods, you will always be in full control of your bait due to the amazing sensitivity and technique-specific design. Whether pitching plastics to heavy cover, or hopping a jig along a rock ledge in 30 feet of water, these rods deliver the ultimate Feel, Control, and Power that only Powell can deliver. The rods come in various lengths and line ratings suitable for many different scenarios.

Powell Drop Shot Spinning Rods

These versatile rods are tuned specifically to handle light line presentations. Designed with fast tips, these rods excel at everything from vertical dropshot presentations to launching split shot rigs or fishing shaky heads in shallow water around tough structure. The Max Spinning Rods are sensitive and forgiving enough to detect the softest deep water bites, yet offer a surprising butt section that allows you to confidently fight big fish.

Powell Shakey Head and Wacky Rig Rods

Designed with a versatile tip section, these are equally comfortable at short to long ranges with small to medium sized baits. You'll marvel at the feedback these rods give you as you work baits like shakyheads, and wacky rigs around grassy edges, rock piles, docks, and other structures. The shorter models are great for close presentations, while longer models allow more line to be picked up off the water for more efficient long range hook sets and increased fish steering ability during the fight. The Extra-Fast action is preferred by an angler who likes their rod to load up super fast with incredible tip speed. The rods come in various lengths and line ratings suitable for many different scenarios.