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Pitbull Tackle UV Cedar Plug

Pitbull Tackle UV Cedar Plug

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- 10 foot crimped leaders
- UV enhanced

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Description CA Prop 65 Warning

Pitbull Tackle UV Cedar Plug

The Pitbull Tackle Cedar Plug is available in several amazing colors including never before seen Tony the Tiger, UV White and UV Pink.

Classic Cerdar Plug design with a large 10/0 salt water hook and 10 feet of 130lb leader completed with a crimp and plastic chaffing loops so that this lure is ready to fish right out of the package.


The NEW Pitbull UV Cedar Plugs are based one of the most popular Tuna trolling lures ever created and now have been designed even better. With a simple shape and very minimal decoration don't look like much, but they sure do catch fish. The plugs are nothing more than a plump, cedar piece of wood in the shape of a cigar with a lead head section that cause them to dive and dart frantically when trolled much like a topwater walk the dog plug. This wild action and their relatively small size make them an easy to catch target species. While lures are constantly being designed to try and improve upon the original cedar plug, nothing can quite capture the shimmy and sway of this most basic design. The plugs seemingly replicate baitfish as they try to escape the grasps of predatory species such as tuna, wahoo, dolphin and billfish. In addition to the action, these lures also create a bubbling and swishing sound that is said to accurately mimic those same prey. Often referred to as "bullets" by the charter boats fishermen, the Cedar Plugs are incredibly popular.

The dynamics of the Cedar Plug can only be truly realized once you have one in your hands with time to inspect it. A heavy head, streamlined shape that resembles a torpedo and a hole that runs throughout the body for the rigging - that's it. Maybe you've got one with a paint job, maybe not, in fact the plain cedar color is surprisingly the most popular - seriously! So there it is. That's your lure that you are trying to fool these evolved predators with. Their incredible vision, incredibly dialed in sensitivity to dangers and years of speedy hunting are all conquered by this hunk of wood and metal. But, just wait until you see this thing in the water. That's where the real magic is realized. Toss it into your wake and watch as the Cedar Plug jumps and dives and bubbles and gurgles. Wow! One of the oft mentioned benefits of the Sea Strike Cedar Plug is just how easily fish become hooked. Once the cedar plug is eaten, the balance and weight of the lure essentially does the work and penetrates the hook through the fish's mouth without any extra effort.

We offer the shorter leader lengths of the rigged plugs - ours come with 10 foot leaders.

Trolling the Cedar Plug

The trolling setup with the Cedar Plug varies greatly based on a number of factors. First and foremost is personal preference - some charter boat captains like a certain shotgun line length and that's just how they do it regardless of standard practices, however, over time standard practice usually become whatever is working. The more important factors include the species of fish, location and presence of bait/birds. Depending on the targeted game fish, some anglers troll directly in the prop wash some 15-40 feet back - typically schooled up bluefin - while others troll as far as 400 yards in the warmer waters of the Bahamas. The closer the Cedar Plugs are trolled to the boat the more action they will have. Many veteran captains like to troll closer to the boat between about the first and fourth wake area. During the hot bites of the summer and early fall these distances seem to produce the best fishing and the yellowfin really don't seem to mind the disturbance of the boat.

Single Plug

Pitbull Tackle Cedar Plugs are used for Tuna and other game fish all over the world, it's rare you'll find a good charter boat captain without at least one running in a trolling spread. Most often, sport fishermen are trolling them in the shotgun position some 75+ yards back alone. Fishing the trolling plug alone is typically the standard use as they do have the tendency to tangle when fished too close to one another. Setting it back well behind the boat has a drawing effect as well and can bring in fish from distances that eventually strike the other trolled sets of lures.

Off the east coast for yellowfin, most anglers turn to the single Cedar Plug trolling technique, but will fish two lines each trolling the single plug. The setup includes one that rides about 50 feet back and the other about 75 feet secured to a transom clip and short outrigger clip. The typical trolling speed ranges from about 6 to 6.5 knots in most cases. These two plugs are trolled as part of arsenal that includes a 6-8 bait spread up closer to the boat.

Single Plug Setup

Most anglers use their single plug setup with something along the lines of a 50 sized lever drag reel spooled with 80lb test monofilament. The leader length ranges from 8 to 15 feet of 130lb mono with a suitable wind on style swivel. When deciding on leader length and swivel size its imperative to understand the shorter the leader or larger the swivel, the less action the Cedar Plug will have.

Daisy Chain Setup

As mentioned, the Cedar Plug Daisy Chain setup can be challenging to master, but the results can be absolutely unmatched. Typically the daisy chain setup for cedar plugs includes three plugs staggered at about 18" apart. The first two plugs are some sort of color - whatever is working at the time or has been hot in the past and the trailing plug is almost always that natural cedar that seems to attract the bigger fish. Trolling with a daisy chain is usually employed when targeting yellowfin, wahoo and dolphin.

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