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Phenix Rods

MONSTER NOTE: Rods over 9' 1 piece are no longer available for standard sale. Shipping prices have become too high at the longer lengths. Contact us if you must have a 1 piece rod. Shipping may be an extra $125-$199. We are very sorry for this issue.
Phenix Rods casting and spinning fishing rods that cover both freshwater and saltwater with series of rods designed for virtually every species of fish imaginable. The company dates back to early 1977, but their widespread acclaim can be traced to 2006 when Phenix Rods expanded their product lines with a wider range of rod offering that made use of premium design and components while still preserving their brand's existing custom quality look and feel. Since 2006 they've increased their product offerings to include technique specific models that boast increased sensitivity with a decline in overall rod weight.

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Phenix Rods Axis Phenix Rods Axis Series Casting
Starting at $229.00
New Models
Phenix Rods Elixir Phenix Rods Elixir Series
Starting at: $159.00
Phenix Rods K2 Casting Phenix Rods K2 Casting
Starting at $500.00
Phenix Rods K2 Spinning Phenix Rods K2 Spinning
Starting at $525.00
Phenix Rods M1 Casting Phenix Rods M1 Casting
Starting at $168.00
Phenix Rods M1 Spinning Phenix Rods M1 Spinning
Starting at $168.00
Phenix Rods Maxim Casting Phenix Rods Maxim Casting
Starting at $119.00
Phenix Rods Mirage Series Phenix Rods Mirage Series
Starting at $179.00
Phenix Rods Reaper Series Phenix Rods Reaper Series
Starting at $149.99

Phenix Freshwater Rods

Phenix Freshwater Rods includes all series of rods designed for freshwater fishing applications. The Freshwater category of Phenix Rods uses the intended species as means of further sorting the rod models. Phenix Freshwater Rods fall into one of three categories: Phenix Bass Rods, Phenix Salmon/Steelhead Rods or Phenix Trout & Fly Rods.

Phenix Saltwater Rods

Phenix Saltwater Rods includes all series of rods designed for saltwater fishing applications. The Saltwater category of Phenix Rods lists the entire saltwater lineup broken down further by series of rods. Each series has distinct characteristics which are better suited for specific saltwater applications over others.