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Optimum Opti-Shad Swimbait

Optimum Opti Shad
Price: $4.99
- Optimum Opti Shad Swimbait
- Sizes (2): 4" & 7"
- Quantity: 5pk (4") 2pk (7")

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Optimum Opti-Shad

The Optimum Opti-Shad is a full body soft plastic swimbait designed to swim with a subtle rolling action and tail kick to mimic a wide range of forage species. When developing a soft swimbait that would differentiate itself from others on the market, Optimum actually turned to another one of the industry's leaders: Lucky Craft. In a collaborated effort, the two joined forces to engineer a revolutionary soft plastic swimbait that would eliminate all limitations and become a universal tool for many applications. After extensive R&D, the Opti Shad was born - a finesse swimbait with unlimited possibilities. The Opti Shad possesses a long slender body with an oversized boot tail that causes the bait to swim incredibly well even when on the fall. During its' descent it will flutter and roll increasing the versatility of the bait to allow for a wide variety of techniques. The shape of the bait is quite unique; unlike many shad tail style swimbaits, the deepest part of the Opti Shad body also represents the widest part of its body. This design feature was taken from Optimums Double Diamond Swimbait and aids in it's hydrodynamics enabling the bait to swim at any speed. The Opti-Shad is not only a great freshwater bait, but its also proven itself for bay and inshore fishing applications including fishing kelp beds for calicos or rocky coastal areas for big ling cod.

Aesthetically, the Opti Shad is incredible - capturing the natural essence of forage species while still produced in popular color patterns. Upon first glance, anglers will notice the high quality, soft plastic that the bait is constructed from. It's this plastic that's key for not only the action, but also displays excellent translucence allowing light to enter the bait and reflect as the bait rolls and kicks. It's subtle, yet eye-catching; a theme that represents the bait as a whole. The 3D eyes are a great added touch as many swimbait gurus believe they are a must have when trying to fool big bass. The Opti-Shad is part of Optimum's Mad Science and Advanced Physics series of baits that promise to push the limits of bait engineering to create lures that utilize engineering concepts on the cutting edge of technology. We offer the Optimum Opti-Shad Swimbait in two sizes: 4" & 7" in many excellent colors. The 4" comes 5 per pack and the 7" includes 2 baits per pack.

Opti-Shad Features

  • Versatile Colour Options
    The outstanding colour options put forth by Optimum Baits allows this swimbait to be used in situations from a natural presentation in gin-clear water to reaction strikes in dirty or tea-stained water. Colour paired with unique 3D eyes give this bait an unbeatable appearance.
  • Unique Swimming Action
    A wide wobble and a tight swimming tail action are two of the most popular swimbait actions. The Opti-Shad combines both of these as the body of the bait rotates almost 90 degrees to each side, while the tail rapidly kicks away imitating a fleeing baitfish.
  • Finesse Body Profile
    The Opti-Shad has a slender, elongated body profile which perfectly imitates that of a small smelt or shiner. This bait provides the perfect profile for targeting fish under tough conditions. The slim, long body tapers into an oversized boot shaped tail producing its realistic swimming action.

Opti-Shad Techniques

The Opti-Shad is suitable for a vast array of applications and techniques. Anglers can choose from a variety of rigging methods, but we find the following to be productive:

  • Jig Head: Attach the Opti-Shad to a jig head from 1/4-3/4oz and swim it at varying depths from up shallow through timber to the deep ledges of the Tennessee River system of lakes. One popular technique has been using this bait in areas of current when targeting smallmouth, spotted bass and stripers. Use a heavier jig head, 3/4oz should do, and cast into the heavier current retrieving the bait at the speed at which the current would flow. As the bait falls over boulders and into eddys it will elicit vicious strikes from the predators.
  • Umbrella Rig: Add the Opti-Shad to your umbrella rig and watch as fish try to yank the rod from your grip. The 4" size comes 5 per pack and is ideal for rigging up your five wire contraptions. Some anglers use umbrella rigs that exceed 5 wires and stage the baits with a section of teasers followed by their baits with hooks. In this case, rig up the 4" Opti-Shad as the teasers and use the 7" version as your main baits.
  • Weighted Belly Hook: Weedless rigging can be achieved by use of a weighted belly shank hook. Attach the bait using the Texas-Rig style making sure the hook point is slightly skinned hooked into the baits back. This proves an excellent choice when fishing areas of sparse grass, reeds or around docks.
  • Football Head: Anglers across the country have started to experiment with bait selection when fishing a football jig head. One of the hottest trends is dragging a swimbait on a stand-up variety of jig head. When paired, the combination presents a nose down swimbait that kicks its tail as it is dragged or hopped. Anglers can keep steady contact with the bottom or give the bait forceful hops and allow it to flutter back to the bottom. Both prove effective.
  • Chatterbait Trailer: Interestingly enough, chatterbaits and other vibrating jigs, have evolved to become one of the most popular swimbait pairings. Many anglers have found the combination to produce incredible results as the erratic movements of the head are nicely complimented by the kicking tail. Whether the skirt is left on or removed, the presentation will prove effective.
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Large Swimbait June 28, 2015
Reviewer: Barry Maner from Trinity, AL United States  
Very good swimming action.Has to be fished on a 1/2 oz head or larger.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Optimum Opti-Shad Swimbait March 17, 2014
Reviewer: robin510 from bay area, CA United States  
Thanks guys!! Been using them for my past 6 fishing trips. I used these swimbaits for surf perch, halibut, stripers and rockfish. they have worked really well for me set up with a carolina rig. I chopped the head off a few and made jigs out them for rockfish as well and they worked great. surf perch and mackerel in rosarito were smashing them pretty much every cast didnt have to use my LC pointers at all. my local delta stripers were all over them also. the belly has a nice slit in it to add pro-cure. My only complaint about this swimbait is the smaller sized is great for all these fish (perch,rockfish,stripers,halibut ect) but the bigger of these fish really tear these up. I had a bonito and a halibut just rip the bait in half and a rockfish ate the tail completely off. That doesnt happen with my hammers. I'm ordering a few more packs because they are a great bait, Also going to order the bigger size. just wish they were made with a little harder/durable material.

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Excellent swim bait December 11, 2013
Reviewer: wildbillbilly from Tennessee  
I have used every swim bait known to man and these optimum baits are the most life like lures you will ever use. You don't have to reel them fast to get good action. I like to let them tap the bottom as I reel them in. The bass seem to think that it is a minnow feeding. I have caught walleyes, bass, and catfish on these guys. They are super baits.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Opti-Shad Swimbait September 30, 2013
Reviewer: Francis Adam from Schertz, TX United States  
great action, teamed up with the owner flashy swimmer rig and it produced some nice fish at lake Austin, i will be purchasing more in the future.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Opti Shad Swimbait September 4, 2013
Reviewer: Ron Howe RB BASS from Elk Grove  
This bait is incredible, the tail action bass cannot stand it they have to eat it!

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