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Optimum OB Minnow Optimum OB Minnow Foil Optimum Opti-Shad Swimbait Optimum Victory Tail 8"
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2 Sizes
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2 Sizes
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Price: $4.99
Optimum OB Minnow Optimum OB Minnow Foil Optimum Opti Shad Optimum Victory Tail

Optimum Baits Products

Double Diamond Swimbait

The Double Diamond Swimmer`s multi dimensional design is performance-driven. Not only are the baits outline a diamond profile, but the body is also diamond shaped allowing for its three distinct actions. The Swimmer`s body features a slot so it can be fished weedless with a weighted (or not) offset hook, or it can be rigged with an open hook bullet-type jighead when fishing open water. No matter if your next trip finds you on a lake, river or the sea, the Double Diamond Swimmer is perfect for every occasion.

BLT Swimbait

The Baby Line Thru is designed to fish with a moderate to fast retrieve. The BLT features an irresistible tight body roll and pulsating tail kick that fish can’t resist. This bait is perfect for locating fish quickly by fan casting in the shallows or slowly dragging in deeper areas. Use the 3” BLT with a medium action rod about 6’6” -7’ on 8-14lb line while the 5” should be fished with a 7’ medium heavy rod and 14-20lb line.

BLT Swimbait Rigging Methods

The BLT offers a unique and simple way to be rigged. Run your line THRU the bait and tie on the lazer sharp treble hook. Bury the hook point into the belly. When the fish strikes the bait, many times it will pull free allowing the bait to run up your line when fighting the fish thus saving your bait for future use.

Optimum OB Minnow

Any fish that feeds on large baitfish is now within reach with the release of the O.B. Minnow by Optimum Bait Co. The patented hand crafted wood minnow is known for its natural trout (large baitfish) like action and can be fished multiple ways. When fished with a slow retrieve, the tail creates a wake on the surface while the body slowly rolls producing a deadly swimming action. This wake like action is ideal for shallow areas or over submerged brush, weeds or grass and creates the thrill of a lifetime when the explosive topwater strike occurs. Cranking the bait faster allows the bait to dive to ranges of 4-5 feet for the lunkers hanging around deeper edges and points. For those whopper size striper and lake trout, surface trolling the minnow is also a popular and successful method. (Do not use with a downrigger; the high pressure will cause wood to split.)

  • Suggested Line: 7” : 16-20lb 9”: 20-30lb
  • Suggested Rod – Med Heavy – Heavy
  • Widely used Methods – Cast and Retrieve, Dead Sticking, Surface Trolling, Twitching, Waking

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