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Onos Sunglasses

It seems so obvious once you try them on. Suddenly you have a full range of vision and can focus in on close-up details at a glance. Ono's are the first sunglasses ever to combine all the features active adults want and need into one total package.Finally, active farsighted people can enjoy outdoor activities without the hassle of switching glasses. With Ono's polarized sunglasses with readers built in, you can enjoy a new dimension of comfort, convenience, and style without the prescription price of bifocals. By combining the polarized lens with our unique reader magnification enhancement, we have created a product that eliminates the need for bi-focals or to switch glasses to read or perform other close-up tasks when outdoors. Once you wear Ono's for a whole weekend, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Think about the times you need readers and polarized sunglasses at the same time. Whether you're skiing the slopes or relaxing on the beach, Ono's are the only sunglasses you'll want to wear. Polarized sunglasses with readers built-in....Such a bright idea!

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