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Okuma T-40X Salmon/Steelhead Rods

Okuma T-40X Rods
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Starting at $129.99
- Okuma T-40X Rods
- Models (9): 5 Spinning, 4 Casting
- All Two Piece Rods

Okuma Model



Okuma T-40X Rods

The different fishing techniques for salmon and steelhead each have a set of fishing rod performance characteristics that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the angler. Fishing rod sensitivity and responsiveness are at the top of these lists. In the past, top-end combinations of premium actions and materials were out of reach of most anglers. T-40X salmon and steelhead rods have changed all that, bringing elite-level performance within reach of all anglers. The rod blanks feature ultra-sensitive 40-Ton carbon fiber construction. The handle systems are forward-thinking, 1k woven carbon fiber to reduce weight and deliver exceptional durability. Finished in a rich, deep crimson, T-40X salmon and steelhead rods deliver on the most demanding performance characteristics.

We offer the Okuma T-40X Rods in (9) models - 5 Spinning and 4 Casting - all rods are two piece. See description below for more detailed information on each rod.

T-40X Casting Rod Models

TXC882MML - 8'8" Casting Rod (2-Piece)

From small stream to large, high flows to low, there's a lot of difference in the power requirements to effectively fish for and land steelhead. At a slightly shorter length and rated for 6- to 12-pound line, the TX-C-882ML balances very nicely with light offerings in small streams or lower summertime flows. Many anglers have also enjoyed this rod when used to backtroll plugs, where a wide spread can be easily achieved.

TXC922M - 9'2" Casting Rod (2-Piece)

At a full 9’2” in length and rated for 8- to 17-pound line, the Tx-C-922M is the ultimate steelhead and smaller salmon drift fishing rod. Long enough for exceptional distance and to control the belly in the line while being easy to handle and cast accurately. A light tip is backed with substantial power to move the largest steelhead. Split grips with “Carbon Cone” handles fit the hand perfectly while making the butt section simple to reposition as the fight demands, even with bulky winter clothing.

TXC992ML - 9'9" Casting Rod (2-Piece)

Spinning rods are often preferred for steelhead float fishing because of their ease of use and ability to cast extremely light weights. With the addition of Okuma baitcast reels like the Helios and Komodo that utilize ABEC-5 spool bearings, free-flowing line from a baitcast reel is more achievable than ever before. The TX-C-992ML, rated for 6- to 12-pound line serves double duty as a light drift rod and an awesome float rod for a casting reel. The progressive rod action begins with a light tip and gains power through its length, allowing spirited fish to put on quite a show, while maintaining a tight line at all times.

TXC992MH - 9'9" Casting Rod (2-Piece)

Salmon trolling rods of 10-foot lengths and even longer are the rage in herring trolling these days, but the fact is, the long length can be a little impractical in smaller boats. Finding balance is the TX-C-992MH. At under 10-feet, it’s easy to control and land fish. With a wonderfully progressive action and outstanding power, it’s a phenomenal performer for herring, Kwikfish, anchor fishing wobblers and backtrolling Jumbo Jet Divers and bait. Also makes a great salmon float rod for larger model chinook.

T-40X Spinning Models

TXS792L - 7'9" Spinning Rod (2-Piece)

"Side-drifting" is a blanket term for two different techniques: side-drifting and free-drifting. In true Southern Oregon style side-drifting, baits are basically drift-fished at a about a 45-degree downstream angle from a moving boat. When the bite is felt, the hook is set hard. Boat handlers adjust the amount of weight and distance/angle of the cast for each run fished. Rods are compact, like the 7'9" length here, to provide control. Casting distance is not a huge issue as the boat operator positons close to the fish. In true side-drifting, the TX-S-792L is the perfect choice. A quick, sensitive tip combines is backed by a substantial butt section. Of course, this rod can serve double duty pitching spinners in the pocket water of small streams.

TXS882ML - 8'8" Spinning Rod (2-Piece)

Rated for 6- to 12-pound monofilament line and 8'8" in length, the TX-S-882 takes on many light-line, smaller stream applications. Most often it's a manageable length drift rod that excels in lower flow summer steelhead applications. It's also wonderful for epic battles with fall silver salmon when rivers are down. Ample speed in the tip responds right now to the subtle mouthing of a bait or simple pickup of a spinner. We fish this rod with 6- to 10-pound mono in lower water conditions that demand stealth, or fish light floats with 14-pound braid. The TX-S-882ML also makes a great pink salmon rod in odd years in Washington, even years in Alaska.

TXS902M - 9' Spinning Rod (2-Piece)

Just 4-inches longer than the TX-S-882ML but with much more power from its' 8- to 17-pound rating, the TX-S-902M is the drift-fishing rod for spinning reel anglers. Maintaining exceptional sensitivity when drift-fishing pencil lead or slinkies through rocky runs, the rod delivers a lot of inherent power to drive hooks home and control fish in winter flows. For anglers wanting to multi-task, this is our choice because it's much easier to float fish with a faster action drift rod than it is to drift fish with a more parabolic float rod. For multi-tasking species, you'd also want to be packing the TX-S-902M for sockeye, pink and silver salmon fisheries.

TXS962L - 9'6" Spinning Rod (2-Piece)

When you want to toss light free-drifting baits to exactly the right spot, this is your fishing rod. A supremely delicate tip is backed by a moderate action constructed through the 9’6” length of the rod blank. When the fish takes the bait, clear feedback is delivered as the rod loads with the weight of the fish. Hooks confidently find their hold. Rated for 4- to 10-pound line the rod cushions the explosiveness of hot fish with every move they make. Smooth, even pressure makes short work of the largest fish. Split grips are quick and easy in the hand.

TXS992ML - 9'9" Spinning Rod (2-Piece)

In float fishing for steelhead and salmon, the keys to success are a smooth accurate casting stroke and the ability to maintain control over the complete presentation. At a full 9’9” in length and a beautifully progressive action, the TX-S-992ML is a go-anywhere float rod that excels in all but the largest of steelhead streams. Rated for 6- to 12-pound monofilament, most will use 15- to 20-pound braid on this rod for its floating characteristics and ease of mending. Whether a lightweight fixed float and jig, or bait with a bit of weight and a sliding float, casting, mending and fish fighting become intuitive as the rod responds to your every move.

T-40X Rod Features:
  • 40-Ton carbon, ultra-sensitive blank construction
  • Custom 1K woven “Carbon Cone” split rear grip on Steelhead rods
  • Split grip butt reduces weight & improves rod and reel balance
  • 1K woven full carbon butt grip configuration on Salmon rods
  • Custom 1K woven “Carbon Cone” fore-grips on all models
  • Customized painted reel seat with Fuji cushioned hoods
  • Super hard ALPS aluminum oxide L-ring guide inserts
  • ALPS deep press stainless steel guide frames
  • Stainless steel hook keepers strategically positioned based on technique
  • Tip over butt ferrule connection for maximum strength and durability
  • All T-40X rods are 2-pcs blank construction
  • 16-Technique-specific Salmon and Steelhead rod actions
  • T-40X rods are backed by the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty
Model Rod Power Rod Length Line Weight Lure Weight Foregrip
Application Number Of Guides Handle
TX-C-882ML ML 8' 8 6~12 lbs 3/8~3/4 2-5/8" 13-3/4 Steelhead Drift 9 + Tip B 5.6
TX-C-922M M 9' 2 8~17 lbs 3/8~1 2-5/8" 13-3/4 Drift 11 + Tip B 6.2
TX-C-992MH MH 9' 9 10~30 lbs 1~6 3-1/2" 13-3/4 Salmon Herring 11 + Tip C 7.6
TX-C-992ML ML 9' 9 6~12 lbs 3/8~3/4 2-5/8" 13-3/4 Float Drift 11 + Tip B 6
TX-S-792L L 7' 9 6~12 lbs 1/4~1/2 2-5/8" 11-1/4" Steelhead Spin 8 + Tip A 4.4
TX-S-882ML ML 8' 8 6~12 lbs 3/8~3/4 2-5/8" 11-1/4" Drift 9 + Tip A 5
TX-S-902M M 9' 0 8~17 lbs 3/8~1 2-5/8" 11-1/4" Drift 10 + Tip A 5.6
TX-S-962L L 9' 6 4~10 lbs 1/8~3/8 2-5/8" 11-1/4" Side Drift 10 + Tip A 5
TX-S-992ML ML 9' 9 6~12 lbs 3/16~1/2 2-5/8" 11-1/4" Float Drift 10 + Tip A 5.4

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