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Odor-Off Hand Soap 6oz Bottle

Odor-Off Hand Soap

Price: $9.99
- Odor-Off Hand Soap
- Sizes: 6oz Bottle
- Removes scents, doesn't mask them

Description CA Prop 65 Warning

Odor-Off Hand Soap

Odor-Off is a hand soap designed to remove the repulsive smells left by a day of fishing. Handling bait, fish and all that comes with it sure does leave a rather interesting smell - this hand soap will remove all of those awful scents and leave you smelling fresh and clean. Commercial and recreational fisherman all suffer from the same thing: SMELL! It's OK while you're fishing, but when you're done, it's nice to be able to have clean hands that don't stink, or have lunch that doesn't smell like fish. When you use Odor-Off Hand Soap, you'll see and feel the difference as you rub your hands together and rinse them clean. We offer the Odor-Off Hand Soap in a 6oz bottle - ideal for keeping in the boat or truck to be used after a day on the water.

How Odor-Off Works

Odor-Off cleans and removes scent and residue with naturally derived biodegradable ingredients. Odor-Off ingredients are in 2 main groups:

  1. Activated Carbon
  2. Cleansers
The Science Behind Getting the Stink Off - Remove, not Mask
  • Odor-Off contains activated carbon encapsulated in visible black beads to protect it from interaction until you're ready to use it.
  • A scientifically proven ingredient, activated carbon has been used for years to clarify and purify water and odor/poison control.
  • Through a process called adsorption (yup, it's spelled correctly), organic matter (the particals that cause the smell) chemically bonds to the activated carbon.
  • Once applied, the act of rubbing your hands together releases the activated carbon from the beads, allowing adsorption to occur. As proof, you'll see the black smears in the pearlized soap.
  • As the contaminants on your hands come into contact with the activated carbon, they are adsorbed onto the carbon. When your rinse your hands, the contaminants are washed away with the carbon while the soap base gently cleanses the skin.
Why it's Superior - The rationale is in the Science, the Proof is in the Hand

The key difference is removal. Odor-Off Hand Soap actually removes the lipids and proteins that cause the odor. Other products chemically react with the contaminates to form new compounds that no longer smell, but they are still on your hands. Odor masking products are also used, but they don't remove any contaminates either.

Odor-Off Uses

Human hands to eliminate odors that scare off fish and animals

  • SALT AND FRESHWATER FISH SUCH AS: - Anchovy, Bass, Catfish, Carp, Halibut, Herring, Mackerel, Salmon, Shrimp, Squid, Trout, Tuna, Yellowtail, and more...
  • COMMON KITCHEN ODORS SUCH AS: -Garlic, Onion, Fish, Pickle, Vinegar

About Odor-Off

We’re a company of fishermen. Blue Pacific houses a number of us and we were sick of smelling and repelling. So, we went on an odor-reducing reconnaissance mission. We consulted our science backgrounds, books and R&D friends, did research and came up with the activated carbon. Our beloved past time doesn’t have to smell after all! We even found that a lot of our fishing buddies had the same complaint. The result? You’re looking at it. Odor-Off was created and we knew we had to share the scent-free joy.

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