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The Smart Light

When LED Technology enters the flashlight industry to become the main-streamed emitting light source, not only does it improve the energy efficiency dramatically, but also does it bring the mode functionality into reality. Various modes enable flashlights to be used for different applications. High output modes can be applied for camping and reading; also, S.O.S. modes can be utilized in emergency situations, whereas law enforcement officers may employ strobe functions for self defense or counter strike purposes. Depending on how a flashlight's use, some may prefer a single mode or a few modes, more and more users have been realizing the benefits of having multiple modes, some of those may even need various modes at different times. No matter what your requirements are, myTorch flashlights are the solution for your flashlight needs.

myTorch's advanced "Smart Torch Technology (STT)" enables users to program unlimited modes for your flashlight. To personalize the modes however and in whatever way you prefer. Simply use the NEXTRUNNER application on your computer to customize your lighting modes. With myTorch you are no longer limited to the basic or pre-set modes; now you can go beyond with myTorch flashlights to accomplish your daily applications quickly and efficiently.