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Mustad is the best- selling hook-brand on the planet and has a presence in more than 160 countries. Mustad products cover any discipline of sport and commercial fishing, industrial as well as traditional fishing.

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Mustad KVD Dropshot Mustad KVD Double Wide Drop Shot Hook
Price: $3.99
Sale Price: $4.49
Mustad Spring Scale Mustad Spring Scale
Price: $24.99
2 sizes
Mustad Tuna Hooks 7732 Mustad Tuna Hook 7732
Starting at $8.99

KVD Mustad Trebles

Kevin Van Dam explains the use of each of his signature series treble hooks from Mustad.

KVD: Choosing Which Treble Hook

The Mustad KVD Elite Series Hooks are a line of treble hooks designed by the world's greatest bass angler, Kevin Van Dam. Mustad worked closely with KVD to create an entire series of replacement treble hooks that would meet the needs of any treble hook bait. Whether it be crankbaits, topwaters or jerkbaits, there is a suitable replacement treble hook for any anglers' needs. “It’s tournament tested and proven deadly. In fact, the KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble helped me win more than $1,000,000 in one year. It’s THE HOOK I used to win the 2010 Bassmaster Classic. It’s the only treble on my crank baits and I encourage you to upgrade yours with this Ultimate Replacement Treble Hook.”

KVD Elite Round Bend

Created as an all-purpose replacement treble hook, this new UltraPoint® hook (Ref No. TR58NP-BN) features a round bend with standard wire diameter and a standard shank length. It is available in sizes 2 through 8.

Like all UltraPoint® hooks, it features Mustad’s 4.3 Micro Sharp Point Technology for a sleek, slimmer, incredibly sharp point. This unique, two-stage opti-angle point has less metal removed in the sharpening process than with traditional methods, providing all the benefits of a true needle point with incredible strength and durability. Chemically sharpened and Nor-Tempered to be up to 30% stronger than conventional hooks, UltraPoint® is a very sharp, very strong needle point that delivers quick, easy penetrations…and longer performance.

KVD Elite Series Short Shank Treble

The specially engineered shape of the KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Treble Hook combines hooking capability with exceptional holding properties to set the standard for world class performance. Based upon our original Triple Grip series, the modified design of the “KVD” features a precise shape that almost “locks” a fish into the elbow of the bend, making it virtually impossible to throw the hook. The 2X short shank eliminates hook tangling that can often occur on shorter bodied crank baits. It also allows anglers to use larger hooks, further increasing hooking potential.Mustad’s extra strong wire provides additional power so you get minimal flex and better penetration at hook set. The new design has a modified, wider point angle than previous Triple Grip models which creates a wider gap than like sized round bend treble hooks.

KVD Double Wide Dropshot

The gap on this new hook design has been opened up significantly, on average 20% wider than standard dropshot hooks. This increased gap means there’s no interference from your bait at hook set and there’s a tremendous positive impact on hook-up ratios.Two important features that insure the hook not only grabs during hook sets but holds during the fight. lighter wire permits a more life-like presentation. The lighter wire also greatly aids in hook penetration, especially with light tackle presentations. Three applications with one hook design. Double Wide is ideal for use as a dropshot hook, in wacky worm style presentations and for live bait presentations.

KVD on changing Treble Hooks