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Megabass X-Plose

Megabass X-Plose
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Price: $23.99
- Megabass X-Plose
- Length: 4"
- Weight: 5/8oz
- Slow sink

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Megabass X-Plose

The X-Plose is a dual prop spybait designed by legendary angler and lure designer Yuki Ito. Engineered with the ultimate precision, using the finest components, the Megabass X-Plose falls under the Spybaiting lure category of finesse hard baits. The X-Plose is built with a shaft balancer system that increases the stability of the lure as it maintains a horizontal plane through the water and it also causes a flashing shimmy descent as it drops. As is the case with all spybaits, the X-Plose main section displays very little action while retrieved, however, the props provide vibration and flash even when retrieved at the slowest of speeds. As the blades spin, internal gears of the prop create the subtlest pitch that mimics small shad as they swim through the water.

Spybaiting is a relatively new technique stateside, but has been a go to for bass anglers fishing the pressured waters of Japan. The main concept behind the spybait technique is mirroring the real action of small shad and other baitfish. If you have ever seen a real minnow or shad swim you'll notice they don't have that big tail kick - instead they are fairly still in the action only darting when they fear for their safety. The X-Plose, and other spybaits, capitalize on this and attract fish with a more natural appeal. With that in mind, Spybaiting requires water with excellent visibility. The X-Plose just won't have the same effects in dirty or stained water. Another important consideration to be made is line size. In order to realize the lures full potential anglers need to downsize line to 4-6lb fluorocarbon. Anything higher will affect the way in which the bait swims and take it off plane. Finally, make sure and retrieve this bait rather slowly. Think of it as reeling in the slack as the bait propels back to the boat. It may take some patience, but catching a few fish will certainly offer the confidence to stick with it.

The Megabass X-Plose measures 4" in length, weighs 5/8oz and displays a slow sinking rate of fall. Available in several excellent colors.

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