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Magnetic Marine Products

Magnetic Marine Products was founded in the winter of 2010 by John Gesik, inventor of the original Gear Grabbar line of boat accessories. The launch of this new company originated in Grand Rapids Michigan, an area rich with some of the best fishing in the Midwest. It was right here that the idea of the lure/tool holder boat accessory was stumbled upon when John left his magnetic name badge in his boat before a fishing trip. John always had lures and gear laying all over his boat. By chance, the magnetic name badge found its way to a hook and there it was!!!! 3 years and multiple prototypes later the launch of Gear Grabbar happened at Grand Rapids' own 2010 Ultimate Sportshow.

John’s passion for fishing can be traced back almost 40 years. Coming from a huge family of fishermen, John grew up fishing for just about every species in the Midwest. In the past few years John has focused on developing new organizational boat accessories to make everyone’s fishing experience more enjoyable, productive and safer. Their philosophy at Magnetic Marine Products is to go beyond the norm and create new innovative products with fishermen and their families in mind.

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About Gear Grabbar

Gear grabbar is a brand new fishing boat accessory, an organization station for your fishing lures and fishing tools. This innovative lure holder suspends your lures by using powerful magnets that are strategically placed to maximize utility and provide a strong lure holding platform. The magnetic lure attachment is both automatic and effortless, while providing a safe single lure release to prevent a hook injury.

Gear grabbar takes fishing lure organization and convenience to an entirely new level by offering you the ultimate in versatility and safety for your fishing lures and tools. Go ahead, pile it on… jig heads, topwater, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, worm hooks, spoons, pliers, scissors, hook sharpener, knife, line snips… not only is it SECURE, it is SAFE. So whether you're fishing for pike, bass, walleye or panfish, Gear grabbar is the perfect addition for every boat - from a 10 ft. jon boat to a 20ft. Lund to a charter or fleet fishing boat.... or anything in-between.