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Lew's is as passionate about product design, performance and value as they are about their fishing. Lew Childre founded this great American brand because, first and foremost, he was a fisherman. He was his toughest critic and the hardest of all anglers to please. That’s why his everlasting motto became Lighter, Faster and Stronger. Lew's remains passionately committed to continuing the tradition of building innovative and performance driven products just as the great Lew Childre did for years.

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Lews Casting Reels

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Team Lew's Speed Spool Casting Reel

Our first-class Team Lew’s® baitcaster is for anglers who approach fishing as a way of life, not just a lifestyle. Its titanium deposition finish sets it apart from the pack, while also making a statement that this reel is all business. We’re talking high performance in a small package. Team Lew’s is for fishermen who take charge with decisiveness and flawless execution.

Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool Casting Reel

Not just new and improved … The Tournament Pro Speed Spool® is a totally new design. Sleek, slim and light, this baitcaster is built for serious fishing. Its 11-ball bearing system makes for smooth casting and retrieving, and its ZeroReverse one-way clutch is built for “catching,” not just fishing. You’re in total control with Lew’s MSB braking system.

Lew's Tournament Speed Spool Casting Reel

There’s a lot to be said for rounding out an entire baitcasting arsenal with reels that are identical in design and weight, and then varying the combos according to gear ratios and function. Look no further than the Tournament Speed Spool series that offers cranking, high speed and super high-speed models. And with their moderate price tags, it won’t take long on most any budget to fully suit up with this practical choice in baitcast reels.

Tournament MG Speed Spool Casting Reel

The new Tournament MG Speed Spool® reels incorporate every feature demanded by the serious crankbait aficionado. The MG stands for magnetic cast control, and this series has a great one with an external adjustment for dialing in just right to make those long, smooth casts with precise control.

Speed Spool Casting Reel

Great looking, smooth performing, ever ready and highly affordable … what more could you ask for in a baitcast reel? Don’t let their modest pricing make you think these reels are anything less than quality performers because these are true Lew’s Speed Spools® all the way. We’re talking aluminum frame, high ball bearing counts, strong brass gears and a great drag system. It takes just one cast to make a lasting impression.

Laser MG Casting Reel

Lew’s officials know that not every angler wants to invest in a top-of-the-line model right at the start, so they have introduced the brand new Lew's Laser® MG Speed Spool baitcaster as a workhorse model for any budget. It's important to know that the Laser MG is manufactured in the same factory as all Lew's reels and incorporates the same features, quality and engineering that are built into all Speed models.