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Keitech Swimbaits

Keitech was established in 1996 by Kei Hayashi, one of the most successful tournament fisherman in Japan. Keitech offers quality bass lures which are based on a wealth of fishing knowledge and advanced production technology. Keitech always chooses the right materials to produce their products.

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Which Keitech Swimbait Is Right For Me?

Keitech's product line includes three different models of swimbaits.

Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits

The Keitech Swing Impact swimbait is a thin, full body soft plastic swimbait featuring a ribbed contoured body that moves a lot of water. The flat style paddle-tail results in an incredible side to side tail kick for unparalleled swimming action. The original Keitech Swing Impact swimbaits are offered in three sizes: 3, 3.5 and 4". The regular Swing Impact swimbait is great for spotted and smallmouth bass when attached to a light swimbait head used on spinning gear. Anglers fishing extremely clear water conditions often use fluorocarbon line as light as 5lb test and make long casts to elicit strikes from highly pressured, finicky bass. Another use is attaching the swimbait to a football head jig and dragging the bait along the bottom. That application is great for fishing deep water structure or drops and offers a great alternative to a standard jig or creature bait.

Keitech Swing Impact Fat Swimbait

The Keitech Swing Impact Fat swimbait is a slightly thicker version of the original Swing Impact swimbaits, yet retains the same action from its shared body and tail design. The Fat version of the Swing Impact is noticeably thicker than its predecessor which allows anglers to present a larger profile bait and suits many rigging methods. Among the most popular uses for the Fat Swing Impact is on a standard swimbait jig head when fish are suspending around docks. The bait can be skipped under the docks in order to reach fish that would otherwise be uncatchable. Recently, the Fat Swing Impact has become the go-to bait for anglers using the Alabama Rig and similar umbrella rig lures. The seductively wide tail kick of the fat swing impact and the wide range of color options, allows anglers the ability to match the hatch just about anywhere in the country. Whether its big gizzard shad, hitch or just plain baitfish, the Keitech Fat Swing Impact has a color pattern that will suit your needs. The Fat Swing Impact is offered in 3.8, 4.8 and 5.8" sizes.

Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbait

The Keitech Easy Shiner swimbait is a slender, full body soft plastic swimbait designed to replicate the subtle action of shad or hitch. The Easy Shiner has a completely different design than the Swing Impact swimbaits resulting in some additional uses for the bait. Typically, anglers have used this bait for spotted and smallmouth bass due to its slender profile which offers a higher hookup ratio. Other uses for this bait include fishing sparse vegetation with a belly weighted weedless hook when targeting largemouth. Anglers fishing the Potomac River, Lake Champlain and the California Delta have turned to the Easy Shiner when bass are relating to sparse grass. The slender profile of the 5" bait affords anglers the ability to present the bait in large tule or reed fields. This bait has also found its niche for use with the Alabama Rig. When fishing lakes with smallmouth and spotted bass, many anglers have used the Easy Shiner as their choice of bait for the umbrella style rigs as it doesn't have the drag of the Swing Impact Swimbaits and the profile is a bit smaller. The Easy Shiner has an incredible action that is more closely representative of standard shad than any other forage fish. We offer the Easy Shiner in the 4 and 5" models.