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Kalinís grubs and fishing jigs are extremely effective for a wide range of fish species in all waters. A soft tail with famously slow-retrieve action combined with a thick, meaty body provide more water displacement and slower drops which make Kalinís grubs a favorite in tournament circuits. Whether youíre fishing for panfish, crappie or trout with the 1.5" Kalinís Lunker Grub or going after stripers with the Pintail Eel, Kalinís baits are available in a plethora of colors and sizes so youíll always have the most effective combination. Mix and match grubs, shad, minnows and tubes with any one of Kalinís many jigs and fish the waters with proven results.

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Kalin's 10" Big 'N Grubs Kalin's 3" Lunker Grub Kalin's 5" Lunker Grub Kalin's 6" Mogambo Grubs
Price: $6.19
Price: $2.99
Price: $3.99
Price: $6.99
Kalins Big N Grubs 10" Kalin's Lunker Grub 3" Kalins Lunker Grub 5" Kalins Mogambo Grubs
Kalin's 8" Octogambo Grubs Kalin's Darter Heads Kalin's Scampi Lure Kalin's Sizmic Grub
Price: $8.99
Price: $1.99
3 Sizes
Starting at: $5.99
3 Sizes
Starting at $4.49
Kalins Octogambo Grubs Kalin's Darter Heads Kalins Scampi Lure Kalins Sizmic Grub
Kalin's Sizmic Toad Kalin's Ultimate Saltwater Bullet Jig Kalin's Ultimate Swim Bait Jig Kalin's Worm Threader
Price: $3.99
Price: $3.99
Price: $3.99
Price: $2.49
Kalin's Sizmic Toad Kalins Ultimate Saltwater Bullet Jig Kalins Ultimate Swim Bait Jig Kalin's Worm Threader
Sizmic War Head Weight
Price: $3.99
Sizmic War Head Weight

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