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Jewel Bait Company

Jewel Baits is the manufacturer of several high quality bass fishing lures including their incredibly popular line of jigs. Their Eakins jig is possibly the most popular bait in the entire Ozark region and has extended its reach from coast to coast. The high quality components and incredible color patterns result in some of the finest bass jigs on the market.

Jewel Jigs

The wide variety of Jewel Jigs leaves some anglers scratching their heads when trying to decide which to purchase. Here's a quick summary of each jig's top features and their most effective uses.

Jewel Eakins Finesse Jig

Jewel's most popular model of jig.

  • Finesse style jig - small profile and ball head. Can be altered to fall quite slowly with the addition of a large plastic trailer.
  • Can be skipped under docks - great for bass that suspend under the shade of docks.
  • Light line applications - can be fished with light fluorocarbon line.
  • Great for spotted bass - found fame in the Ozark region for dock fishing.
Jewel J-Lock Flipping Jig
  • Flipping Jig - Features a heavy hook, strong weedguard and large profile.
  • Stout Hook - Should be used with heavier line such as braid.
  • Textured Head - Vibrates and reflects light on fall. Moves a lot of water.
  • Great for largemouth bass - Best flipped in largemouth waters around heavy cover.
Jewel Eakins Flipping Jig
  • Flipping Jig - Medium wire hook, light weedguard.
  • Arkie Head - Small, hydrodynamic head for fishing around cover.
  • Small Profile - The Eakins Flipping Jig is best used for finesse flipping. Spotted bass around wood, pole timber and docks.
  • Flaired Skirt - The flaired skirt and collar offer a very subtle flaired action. The jig falls slowly.
  • Great for spotted bass - Best used for flipping when targeting spotted bass. Offers a finesse flipping approach.
Jewel Swim-It Jig
  • Swim Jig - Possesses a thin, hydrodynamic head that can travel through sparse cover.
  • Thinned Skirt - Designed for adding a trailer to create the appearance of swimming prey. Flairs out when twitched.
  • Flat Head - The flat head distributes the weight equally resulting in a jig that is more inclined to swim than sink.
  • Great for all species - Swimming a jig can catch all species of bass, but Largemouth tend to eat a swim-jig in shallow vegetation.