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Jackall Lures

Jackall Lures is a Japanese based lure manufacturer known for their innovative designs and high quality products. Some of Jackall's most popular baits include the Flick Shake Worm, Crosstail Shad and the Iobee Frog.

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Jackall Lures Products

Jackall manufacturers a number of high quality fishing products, below is some additional information and video regarding our inventory of Jackall products.

Jackall Flickshake Worm

The Wacky Jig Head technique, which Jackall calls “Flick Shakin”, will be the next finesse technique in the United States. “Flick Shakin” is already a proven technique in Japan. Flick Shaking is already being more widely used than Drop Shotting in Japan. Jackall is the innovator of the Wacky Jig Head technique in Japan and has been instrumental in the design and development of this product. Jackall has developed a specific Jig Head and Flick Shake worm, which works together as a system. The Flick Shake worm has a built in curved design, which creates a squirming action that the fish cannot resist. The Flick Shake worm is also salt injected and has a live bait scent. The jig head’s eye is designed at a ninety-degree angle for better hook setting and less snags.

Jackall Crosstail Shad

World’s first worm developed specifically for drop shotting technique. When you shake the worm the tail shakes and the body vibrates. Cross tail Shad is hand poured and perfect for drop shotting. This worm was developed in 1999 and has been a big success in Japan. Jackall is now making the Cross Tail Shad available in the United States. The Jackall Crosstail is a killer bait for spotted bass as was proven by Cody Meyer at the 2010 FLW Cup on Lake Lanier. Behind the strength of his Drop-shot rigged with a Crosstail Shad Cody finished the event in 2nd place and earned a $100,000 check for his efforts.

Jackall Super Crosstail Shad

Hand poward soft bait "SUPER CROSS TAIL SHAD" which wore super real special paint in the body .The rial form has the power that of tough condition exposed to fishing pressure bass bites without doubt .this product has good roll action when shake it. It marries with natural wave from soft body to stimulate instinct of bass .