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How to Fish the Snack Size Trout

  • The simple walking of the bait
    This can be done by moderately to very fast reeling, straight in. I recommend keeping the rod tip pretty low to the water and straight out in front of you for pretty much all applications. This specific application will create a very consistent V pattern behind the bait.
  • Rippin' the bait
    Yes, this is only a 2oz bait and can be ripped all day long with the right set up. The biggest numbers of fish have come off this method for me. Rippin' the bait will cause it to dive down to six inches to a foot or so and the erratic motion it produces gives the bass something they have not seen yet.
  • Dead sticking on points
    Boring, yes, but if you have the patience, well worth it. I have only got a couple doing this so far, but the biggest fish cannot stand something just sitting there above them for so long. . and by "long", I mean long up to a half hour or so.
  • Walking the bait
    I have found that this bait can be used much like spook would be walked. Deadly! I cannot wait until summer on the Delta for this.
  • 180 degree turns
    This bait will turn to either side on a dime. Just a quick pop downward, give it some immediate slack and you can turn it left or right with some practice. Twitch your rod pretty hard to do this.
  • Jumping the bait
    Sort of like a spook: Get the bait going pretty crazy with your wrist and with some practice can get this thing airborne like a scared baitfish or trout running from it predator.