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Imakatsu Bassroid

Imakatsu Bassroid
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Price: $83.99
- Imakatsu Bassroid
- Length: 6.7"
- Weight: 3oz
- Includes: Welded Egg Snap, (2) soft plastic tails

Imakatsu Color

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Imakatsu Bassroid

The Imakatsu Bassroid is a single piece jointed swimbait featuring an ultra-realistic appearance captured by 3D printing technology that provides an exact replica of the real thing. One of Japan's most renowned lure companies, Imakatsu is known for producing baits that push the limits of engineering to create new actions and presentations that bass have yet to see. The Bassroid is a great example of their dedication to innovation, even in a swimbait market that is often run by cheap copies or duplicated styles. The Imakatsu Bassroid measures 6.7" in length and weighs roughly 3oz - the bait's size is key to mimicking smaller bass that cannibalistic largemouth feed upon in the late spring into summer.

The Imakatsu Bassroid is labeled a "slow floating" bait, but realistically it's a floated right out of the package. Most of the time, and as you will see in the video below, anglers are adding strips of lead weight in order to give it a slightly subsurface positioning that allows anglers to fish the bait visually. Additional weight can be added as desired to fish the Bassroid as deep as you wish. We've already been kicking around ideas on how we could imagine this bait being used - think about submerged grass beds just working this bait over the top and watching big bass come up and engulf it. If you do choose to add additional weight, the Storm SuspenStrips offer the perfect solution as you can cut them up and space them as you wish to create the desired effect.

How to use the Bassroid

Fishing the Bassroid is somewhat unique when trying to compare it to other big baits out there. It's not your typical glide bait, but it can certainly be retrieved as such if you add the necessary weight and get it to sink a few feet. The suggested method of fishing the Imakatsu Bassroid is adding a few lead strips to the nose to get the bait to sit right under the surface with a slightly nose down positioning. After making a cast, let the bait sit for a moment to settle itself and allow any nearby bass to get acclimated to its presence. Start by imparting short, yet direct, twitches of the rods tip to get the bait darting and diving side to side. The bait fishes much like a soft plastic jerkbait such as a Zoom Fluke - you're gonna want to pop it on slack line and watch as the bait darts to one side or the other in a very "darty" manner. In the video below you can see the angler just kind of letting it pause and get itself back to even keel before imparting any additional action. When fishing the lure, mix it up. Use one pop or twitch, then try three quick ones and a fast reel turn. The key to the Imakatsu Bassroid is replicating the unpredictable nature of real life creatures. The lure will produce best when fished around cover, as the design of the bait allows anglers to kill it and twitch it around trees, grass and other obstructions.

As you can see in the video, the angler has painted the top of his bait with a chartreuse color. This is a somewhat new idea to us, but actually quite brilliant. The chartreuse line breaks up the bait a bit for low light conditions, but really, the color addition benefits the angler. Now you can visually see where your lure is at when retrieving it around cover. Maybe you only need to twitch it a bit to keep it around a key piece of structure. The color allows you more control of how you work the bait. Pretty neat concept.

The Imakatsu Bassroid measures 6.7" in length and weighs 3oz. The lure includes two soft plastic tails and comes stock with a welded snap swivel to offer the best action.

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