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Huddleston Swimbaits

How to Rig Huddleston Swimbaits

Among the most commonly asked questions is, "How to rig a Huddleston". While creative anglers have found countless ways to modify their trout swimbait, there are a few standard rigging methods that are generally used by the majority of anglers.

Rigging a Huddleston 12 Swimbait

The Huddleston ROF 12 swimbaits come rigged with a jig hook straight out of the pack. While it may seem to be too big of a bit for a bass to engulf, its been proven time and time again even small bass can eat the entire bait. A great number of anglers choose to leave the bait stock out of the package because it offers the most natural presentation and eliminates the risk of gill hooking bass with a stinger treble. For anglers who wish to add a stinger hook, one of the easiest methods of doing so is with a heavy braided line and an Owner Stinger Treble Hook in size 1. To rig the stinger treble hook on top of the bait, first tie the braided line to the treble hook and attach the tag end to the line tie on the nose of the bait. The treble hook should sit right behind the main fin. Anglers wishing to add the stinger hook to the belly will find a convenient wire loop to attach the stinger with. The other popular method, known as the Butch Brown Rig, is illustrated in the video below.

Rigging a Huddleston 5 Swimbait

The Huddleston ROF 5 swimbaits come stock with no hooks. The weight system of the Huddleston 5 is very sensitive and needs to be rigged a certain way to retain the natural swimming motion which is the real key to the bait. The most popular way of rigging the Huddleston ROF 5 includes a pair of inline treble hooks attached to the bottom of the bait. The main treble hook, typically a size 1/0 or 2/0, is attached to the wire ring on the belly by way of a split ring. The additional treble hook, a smaller size 2 or 1, will be attached using 100lb braided line. The line should be tied to the same wire ring and run tight to the body to the line lays flat with the belly. The hook point will be inserted in the middle of the two small anal fins.

Butch Brown Huddleston Swimbait Rig

As previously mentioned, the most popular method of rigging Huddleston Swimbaits is the Butch Brown Rig. Butch Brown is considered the authority when it comes to Huddleston Swimbaits and big bass. His exploits have gained him widespread fame within the bass fishing world largely as a result of his famous Youtube videos which show some of his trophy catches. If you have an opportunity check them out.