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G Loomis Rods

  • G. Loomis Salmon, Steelhead

    G. Loomis Salmon & Steelhead

    6 Different Categories of G Loomis Salmon, Steelhead, Kokanee rods.

  • G. Loomis Saltwater

    G. Loomis Saltwater Rods

    G. Loomis Saltwater Rods including greenwater, surf and deep sea fishing rods.

  • G. Loomis Walleye

    G. Loomis offers ten models of walleye rods, in both spin and cast, that cover every major technique - jigging, rigging, trolling, bottom-bouncing, and cranking. One thing remains constant throughout the line - nowhere will you find a lighter, more advanced COLLECTION of rods made especially for walleye.
  • G. Loomis Trout & Panfish Rods

    Classic Trout & Panfish Spinning

    Ultra-lite fishing is a heck of a lot of fun. Techniques vary from small jigs or bait to micro-sized crankbaits and tiny spinners. Matching rods to such a variety of uses is a challenge, but not impossible.

  • G. Loomis Fly

    G. Loomis Fly Rods

    G. Loomis Fly fishing rods represent the very finest in technology and performance. Light line and light flies call for a sensitive yet strong rod. G. Loomis fly rods are the only choice.

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G. Loomis E6X Rod 822S SYR G. Loomis E6X 822S SYR Spinning Rod
Price: $219.99
New Model for 2018!
G Loomis GLX Jig Worm Casting Rods G. Loomis GLX Bass Jig & Worm Casting
Starting At: $445.00
11 Models
G. Loomis GLX Bass Jig & Worm Spinning G. Loomis GLX Bass Jig & Worm Spinning
Starting At: $445.00
9 Models
G. Loomis GLX Bass Spin Jig G. Loomis GLX Bass Spin Jig
Starting At: $430.00
6 Models
G. Loomis GLX Mag Bass Rods G. Loomis GLX Mag Bass Rods
Starting At: $440.00

G Loomis Support

Rod failures due to material and manufacturing non-conformities will normally cause the rod to fail in the first few uses, after that it is normally due to outside influences. Impact from a weighted fly or lead can bruise the blank and cause failure later on.

Since rods can and do break on occasion, G. Loomis provides buyers with two great options for getting your rod repaired or replaced.

Xpeditor Service

The Xpeditor Service is a no questions asked service designed to get you the angler back on the water quickly, with no hassle.

Benefits of Xpeditor Service
  • Hassle Free
  • Fast
  • Convenient

If you want to see if your rod qualifies for Xpeditor service, please contact G. Loomis' customer service before you begin the Xpeditor Service process.

  • Toll Free - 1-877-577-0600
  • **** Failure to obtain a customer service rod model confirmation may void your Xpeditor Service.****

Limited Lifetime Warranty

G Loomis rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against workmanship and materials. The G. Loomis factory will inspect the rod to determine cause of breakage and whether it will be covered.