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G. Loomis Topwater Rods

If you’re one of those anglers that just grab whatever rod you have for your topwater fishing, you are going to love these new rods. They will improve your success because they are designed to do one thing… fish topwater baits the way they were made to be fished. Add to this G.Loomis’ "fiber-blend" technology, along with our legendary light weight and performance and you’ve got a winning combination. These are well-balanced, topwater casting rods, designed with a unique mid-tip flex for exceptional accuracy and lure control. The tips are soft, yet surprisingly powerful. There are three models... one for smaller, finesse baits where accuracy is critical, one for mid-range baits where both accuracy and distance is critical and one powerhouse for casting long distances with big dog walkers. All it takes is a quick flick of the wrist to launch a bait into the next time zone. The butt-sections have plenty of power for moving big fish away from trouble, even around heavy cover.

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G Loomis Rods TWR773 G. Loomis TWR773 Topwater Rod 6'5" Med-Heavy

Length: 6'5"
Power: 3
Pieces: 1
A great rod for fishing in and around heavy cover with medium to large topwaters. It has a unique mid-tip flex design, giving you excellent accuracy and lure control. The length allows you to work "walking" baits with rod tip down for better control and there’s still plenty of power in the butt-section to handle oversized surprises. Here’s a rod with a lot of topwater applications... medium to large prop baits, big chuggers and stick baits.

Price: $250.00
G Loomis Rods TWR802 G. Loomis TWR802 Topwater Rod 6'8" Med-Heavy

Length: 6'8"
Power: 2
Pieces: 1
When you’re fishing small to medium-sized topwater baits, like Pop-R’s, Rico’s, and Tiny Torpedoes, especially around brush, stick ups, docks or chunk rock, you need a rod that can place your lure softly and accurately. This rod features our proprietary progressive taper along with a unique mid-flex tip design, giving you uncanny accuracy and lure control. Add a surprisingly powerful butt-section and you’ve got the ultimate in a light topwater casting rod.

Price: $245.00
G Loomis Rods TWR864 G. Loomis TWR864 Topwater Rod 7'2" Heavy

Length: 7'2"
Power: 4
Pieces: 1
Whether you’re a tournament junkie or just a serious fishing addict, this is the big-water rod you need. It's designed for extra-long casts with remarkable line and lure control. You will really appreciate the magnum power when a big bass blows up on your bait... especially at the end of an 85’ cast. It features the unique G.Loomis mid-tip flex for working the bait and exceptional accuracy. A great choice when the water is super clear and you need to back off and make longer casts.

Price: $255.00