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G. Loomis Swimbait Rods

Big baits mean big bass! Two very good reasons why we developed our line of swimbait rods. There are guys out there that have devoted their lives to pursuing double-digit monsters. We've teamed up with them, learned from their experience, shared their secrets, and digested what they believe is needed for the ultimate in a swimbait rod. These rods are the result and they cover the gamut of bait styles and sizes. They are designed to fish soft and hard plastic baitfish imitators and, in the case of largemouth bass, especially really big largemouth bass - other finny delicacies - like trout, small bass and panfish. We make our rear grips extra long so you can tuck the rod butt under your arm rather than having it jab you in the ribs. That can be annoying as well as painful. The extra handle length also provides leverage to improve casting distance and control, not to mention handling the big bass you'll be catching. Don't forget the net!

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G. Loomis Rod Swimbait 904C G. Loomis SWBR904C Swimbait Rod

SWBR904C - 7'6" - Medium

Do you need to put that 2-ounce mission fish or fish trap style bait right between a floating dock and seawall? Or maybe you need the perfect balance of muscle and a soft sensitive tip? This 7'6" rod has the backbone to wrestle big ones after the've "kissed" your bait. The soft and sensitive tip has just the right amount of "play" in it to toss those lighter baits into all of those tight places.

Price: $300.00
G. Loomis Rod Swimbait 953C G. Loomis SWBR953C Swimbait Rod

SWBR953 - 7'11" - Medium Light

The 953 is a brand new swimbait rod to G Loomis line-up.  Need the backbone but still chucking lighter lures, then this is the rod to use. Great length for the the long bomb cast, to cover the most amount of water possible.

Price: $300.00
G. Loomis Rod Swimbait 955C G. Loomis SWBR955C Swimbait Rod

SWBR955 - 7'11" - Medium Heavy

The 955 is probably the most versatile swimbait rod available. Capable of launching all but the largest baits with the backbone for a great hookset and the muscle to haul in some really large fish. The light weight and action of the rod allow you to cover all the water you want and still have your arms intact at the end of the day.

Price: $310.00
G. Loomis Rod Swimbait 956C G. Loomis SWBR956C Swimbait Rod

SWBR956C - 7'11" - Heavy

This rod is perfect for throwing those large, rubber, bottom bouncing, trout swimbaits like Huddy Deluxe as well as the large wooden wake baits like the MS Slammer. Its softer tip loads the lighter 8 and 9 inch baits for release to those distant targets with the backbone to accommodate even some monster bass on their trip back to the boat.

Price: $315.00
G. Loomis Rod Swimbait 957C G. Loomis SWBR957C Swimbait Rod

SWBR957 - 7'11" - Extra Heavy

The 957 is a trophy hunter's dream rod. The action and balance of this rod allows you to throw monster nine to sixteen inch baits all day long with minimal fatigue. At almost 8 feet long, and able to handle whopping 10oz baits on 25 to 60 pound test with precision, it's not only perfect for large wood baits or a large Stocker Trout, but has more than enough power to set the hook on those "Gorillas" when they take them.

Price: $325.00