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G. Loomis Senko Rods

When the bass are cruising the shallows or the ditches in the spring you need a bait that will stay in the strike zone as long as possible yet still have enough action to entice a strike. A good choice is the soft plastic jerkbait. Our "Senko" rods are designed to fish these baits effectively for a number of reasons. Rod length is important because the longer the rod, the wider the casting and hook-set radius. That means more tip-speed to initiate the hook-set and increased casting distance which is really important since the baits weigh next to nothing.

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G Loomis Rods BCR864 Senko
G. Loomis BCR864 Mossy Back Senko Rod 7'2" Heavy
Price: 260.00

Length: 7'2"
Power: 4
Pieces: 1
Not necessarily designed for larger baits, just heavier cover, this jerkbait rod is the best choice when you fish in the timber or thick vegetation. It has plenty of back-bone to for handling heavy weights, long leader rigs and big bass in deep water. Oh handles larger baits too!
G Loomis Rods BCR893 Senko
G. Loomis BCR893 MossyBack Senko Rod 7'5" Medium
Price: 265.00

Length: 7'5"
Power: 3
Pieces: 1
Casting a soft jerkbait, weighted only by the size of hook you use, requires a very responsive rod tip. Setting the hook requires a powerful butt and mid-section for a positive lock-up, especially when the bite comes just as the bait hits the water on an extra-long cast. The advantage of this rod is an excellent combination of both.
G Loomis BSR852 Senko
G. Loomis BSR852 MossyBack Senko Rod 7'1" Medium
Price: 255.00

Length: 7'1"
Power: 2
Pieces: 1
The perfect solution for deep-water fishing where small baits and light line are a must to be successful. The extra-fast tip allows you to cast un-weighted worms and soft jerkbaits a long ways with enough power to drive the hook home and pull the fish away from trouble. Finesse could be an understatement!

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