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G. Loomis Saltwater Pelagic Rods

Welcome to the top of the food chain… at least in fish terms. This is the insanity we know and crave as anglers. It's all about survival of the fittest. Our Pelagic rods are made for fish that are insane in their own right... tuna, sharks, billfish, yellowtail, stripers, GT's and the like. We don't make the real big sticks, choosing rather to focus on rods where light weight and great fish-fighting dynamics are critical. You fight these monsters one on one... standing up or using the chair. Its all about power... power enough to manhandle big seagoing critters that only have one thing on their mind and that's whatever it takes to get away. These rods are really light! Much lighter than you'd expect. Rods that give you a magical, almost mystical feeling of control. Some might call them our heavy artillery, but we just call them our Pelagic Series. Three models have "slick-butts" for ease in getting them out of the rod holder, critical in a trolling situations, and five are made for stand-up fishing, but they too will fit in most rod holders. These are not for the faint of heart. It's 'Fear-No-Fish' time!!!

Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Action
PSR72-50C TR 6' 122 1 40-60 Fast
PSR78-50C SU 6'6" 106 1 40-60 Fast
PSR78-20C TR 6'6" 119 1 15-25 Fast
PSR78-30C TR 6'6" 119 1 25-40 Fast
PSR84-20C SU 7' 104 1 15-25 Fast
PSR84-30C SU 7' 104 1 25-40 Fast
PSR84-40C SU 7' 104 1 30-50 Fast
PSR90-25C SU 7'6" 104 1 20-30 Fast