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G. Loomis GLX Shaky Head Rods

A great approach for getting results in lakes where the fish get a lot of pressure and have seen about every type of bait you can imagine. Shallow, deep, around docks and even when the fish are on the beds, the ShakyHead rig may not be the go-to tactic under normal conditions, but itís highly effective when the going gets tough. Itís a unique style that requires a special rod action to impart a quiver into a small finesse worm mounted on a relatively light jighead by subtly shaking the rod tip. Itís kind of like drop-shotting right on the bottom. The rod has a little stiffer feel because the real flex starts about 4-inches from the tip-top, creating a unique action so you can shake the jig & worm combination without moving it a lot. It takes some practice, but it can really make a tough day special. There's an NRX spinning rod with Fuji Titanium SIC stripper guides and tip-top with RECOIL guides the rest of the way. There are three spinning models in the new GLX with split-grip handles, a custom G.Loomis ultra-light reel seat and Fuji Titanium SIC guides & tip-top.The three Fiber-blend models include two spinning rods and one casting. When the fish are hugging the bottom in tight cover, this will get in their face like no other technique!

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