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G. Loomis GLX Max Fly

The Max GLX are the result of the need for ultimate speed and control under the most demanding casting and fishing conditions. Ideally suited to casters that demand fast cycle time, these rods have the extra-stiff action and fast taper needed to push streamers to pockets while drifting the river in a raft or drift boat. Also excellent for long line nymphing with split shot and indicator, or to make a tight cast into a stiff wind. When you want to take control no matter the conditions the Max GLX is your rod.

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G. Loomis FR1084-4-GLX  Max Series Fly Rod 9' 4wt
G. Loomis FR1084-4-MAX-GLX Max Series Fly Rod 9' 4wt
Price: $670.00

Length: 9'
Line: 4
Pieces: 4

A stiff, fast-action, 4-weight designed for long, accurate casts with small flies where you are fishing the shoreline from a drift boat and probing little cuts and pocket water. You can make long-range casts, put your fly right on the spot, let the fish see it and then, if he doesn't eat it, pick up your line with one false cast and repeat the process as the boat drifts downstream. GLX enhances this technique because it's so light and so easy to cast. Wading anglers will appreciate this rod's ability to lift a lot of line off of the water and make repeated long casts.

G. Loomis FR1085-4-MAX-GLX  Max Series Fly Rod 9' 5wt
G. Loomis FR1085-4-MAX-GLX Max Series Fly Rod 9' 5wt
Price: $675.00

Length: 9'
Line: 5
Pieces: 4
A very powerful 5-weight fly rod designed for long, precise casts. It gives you a lot of flexibility, whether you're fishing small dries, large streamers or using strike indicators, split shot and nymphs. Allows you to lift a lot of line so you can quickly reposition your cast as well as high speed false casts when fishing pocket water. Because it's so light and casts so smoothly, GLX lets you concentrate on the fishing instead of the casting
G. Loomis FR1086-4-MAX-GLX  Max Series Fly Rod 9' 5wt
G. Loomis FR1086-4-MAX-GLX Max Series Fly Rod 9' 5wt
Price: $680.00

Length: 9'
Line: 6
Pieces: 4

A stiff, fast-action, 6-weight fly rod designed for shooting long, accurate casts with larger flies, like stoneflies, hoppers and streamers, even in the wind. Makes a great smallmouth rod too. Whether you're wading or covering shoreline cover from a drift boat it helps you react quickly. Thanks to GLX you'll hardly notice how many casts you made so you can concentrate on how many trout you catch.


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